Capri V8

modificación de un capri v6 2.8, pasado a motor Range Rover 3.5 v8, por cortesia de Dani ;D

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Ford Capri with Holset turbocharger
Holset H1e turbo, Haltech F9, ported head, stock camshaft. Musik from: Dark Tranquillity

Marlin V8 Blast
Clips from a road test we did last summer,driving around bexhill-on-sea in my stage two tuned 3.5 rover V8 . Wish i kept it now ! !

Range Rover V8 Classic sporting 300+BHP 300+lb ft on Dyno!
This is a clip to show what we can do with a 'mild' 4.6. Keep your eyes peeled for some more high power videos soon.

V8 Twin Turbo Capri
Love burnouts?