Having a problem with the shifter locking in Park even after pushing on the pink shift lock release tab. ( special note ) On some models the Shifter knob has to be unscrewed to remove it. Here's how you remove it to fix it . Enjoy. Jeff

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Shifter won't move

Shift park lockout mechanisim
Get this piece right here: Replace your plastic piece with this unbreakable billet piece from Billet Tech. For use in your Dodge Charger, Magnum, and Chrysler 300 to prevent breakage where you can't take your car out of park

Dodge Magnum stuck in park solution part 1
2007 Dodge Magnum Shifter stuck in park Remove the two screws under the the rubber liner under ashtray and lifted the back with care to access shift box, remove four 10 mm nut from the shift box one 8 mm screw from the shift cable the Park Interlock Latch cable and two wire connection on the rear of the shift box there no need to remove the radio dash bezel and center console. Find the part in your garage tow small screws and a piece 14 gauge wire NO COST! MacGyver it.

Dodge Magnum shifter stuck in park - Watch how easily this can be worked around!! SO SIMPLE!!
My 2005 Dodge Magnum was stuck in park the other day and the tow truck driver told me how I can get the car driving again using only a pencil or something similar in size. It only takes a few seconds and you will be able to shift again to save money and the hassle of a tow. This saved my wife and I money on the tow as well as lots of frustration so I could at least drive the car until I could replace the part that failed. If you want to actually replace the part (like I did) check out this extremely detailed video here that made it SO simple to follow and do myself: If you found this helpful please comment, rate and subscribe to my channel. Thanks and have a great day!