BMW X5 E53 Air Filter & PCV Replacement How to DIY: BMTroubleU

How to get to, remove and install the e53 air filter and adjacent PCV unit. Its initially a difficult job, especially with the air filter housing, but is made easier with the right tools. PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I DONT WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT IM STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS

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X5 3.0D (E53) Fuel Filter Replacement
Replacing the fuel filter on an X5 (E53 facelift). Not too difficult of a job but annoying to have to drop all of the trim. I think you can actually gain access by removing the six pop-rivets joining the metal and plastic shields - replacing them afterwards of course.

E53 X5 BMW Transfer Case Actuator Motor Gear Repair
GET A NEW GEAR: BMW TOOLS: How to remove and repair the transfer case actuator on your E53 X5. Get a new gear: The weak plastic gear wears out over time and can be replaced for very little money. Don't let the dealer quote you $4000 for a new transfer case. New updated gear: New transfer case motor: BMW Transfer case lifetime fluid: ONLINE THE GRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER

E53 Subframe Bushes Replacement on BMW X5
Hopefully this will help someone who may need to change the rear subframe bushes on an X5. Garages quotes start from £1000 and yet with the tool costing about £180 on ebay and 3 hours or graft you will have it changed and put the tool back on ebay! Enjoy.

BMW X5 OIL CHANGE AND FILTER ON A E53,3,5, X3,X5,E39,E46,E83,M54
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