TX2K11 S14 in car Fun Runs

S14 in car... RB26DETT PT6765 Supporting Mods (Tomei / Trust / Apexi / HKS) Still slow, only at 18lbs during these runs. Will be at 28 next year with more motor work. Overall, great time with good people except the stupid fucking Sentra from Friday night that kept blocking people/getting in the way and the first red Supra on Saturday from Louisiana that tried to cheese his way into a victory. Wanted to keep going, but race gas is expensive and we just went through two full tanks the whole weekend. This is a script written and directed by itsguyguy, no cars were harmed in the filming of this video except that stupid red Supra from Louisiana, he got murdered.

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Homestead Miami Speedway S14 July 9th, 2011 Day 1
First day road racing my S14. Homestead Miami Speedway is an excellent facility and great staff. Car : Nissan 240sx/ Silvia S14 engine: SR20det

r6iness s14
hello lovelies. here is my daily driver/ drift car/ winter beater. I'm sorry its not a show car, it looks the way it does cuz I beat it up on the track. here is some items on my car I forgot to mention. -act stage 3 clutch -under drive pulley -Megan headers -c.a.i I'm probably forgetting other stuff lol my wish list. -nismo gt pro -nismo clutch slave -rear multi-link -lmgt4 lol -nismo power brace what is on your wish list...?

Round 2: Stephen Knoop's LS1 S14
Last time I shot this car, it wouldn't hold idle. Now that it runs properly, we took advantage of the nice weather and went out to film.

TX2K11 DVD Trailer - 2011 Supra Nationals
ORDER HERE - http://www.1320video.com/shop/ Street racing trailer for the TX2K11 Supra Nationals held in Houston, TX every March, this year, once again beat the rest! 1500hp lambo's, 1200hp turbo viper, 300hp busa, 20+ 1000+ hp Supras, this year was FUCKING CRAZY!