Jason Wieck Flying Over His Dragster.

This is what happened the first and only time I tried to take the dragster out of the trailer by myself.

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Taken from Carnage Fest 2 DVD, Check out http://www.urbanhillbilly.com for the best in Heads Up Drag Racing video and DVDs. Urban Hillbilly Action Videos Drag racing, wheelstand, crash, and saves. Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5 Drag radial.

Dragster Buddy
Hey Dragster Racers! Tired of placing all those blocks under your trailer jack or having to count on your friend to help you load your dragster with a dragster dolly? The “Dragster Buddy” lifts the front of your dragster and steers the dragster while you are loading it all by yourself. Available exclusively from Race Tech Race Cars and Components, Inc. www.racetechracecars.com $1995.00 Order yours today!!!!

Uphill Sand Dragrace with more HUGE turbos
Liwa 2013 UAE. Subscribe to the channel if you want more crazy cars from UAE and Sweden. Sorry for the sometimes bad camera work. Next time i will get a rig or a tripod for my dslr. Or get an videocamera.

Dragster Buddy Hook Up
Instructions video on how to hook up the Dragster Buddy.