Calder Park 6s and rotors - June 25 2011

From last weeks Calder Park off-street drags are a variety of 6cyl and rotary turbos. Included is Andrew Sanders' JUSTA6 turbo Hemi, 9-second VL turbos, 9-second radial 2JZ Centura, RX-3, 10-second manual BA Falcon and more.

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Jamboree sydney gearing up for 6th APRIL
Jamboree Sydney is just around the corner, Pac Performance,Mazsport, Sdr racing all pushing in for final moments of track time. As you all no how critical it can be but testing is no option if your want and desire that no1 spot. Pac Peformance showed some great anticiaption after a long break from drag racing there mazda 6, 2 passes is all the testing they need, 6.6@208 mph. Sdr brang the datto and other customers cars with one showing its new pb 8.7 with plenty left. Stay tunned to ROTORG33K bring you all the wrap up of Sydney Jamboree 6th APRIL

Crazy guy at Calder Park!
One night at Calder park a crazy guy and his mate causally drove into Calder Park and then started driving around nearly hitting cars. He was holding up the racing. The spectators and drivers were getting annoyed. The Calder Park crew then tried chasing him with the tractor. They eventually boxed him in. He then had a go at the crowd. Then a driver came over and stole the keys to the car, and the chase began. Eventually the police came to deal with him. Footage was captured in November 2015.

Ultimate Turbo Flutter Sounds Compilation (Bwaaahh Sutututu)
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World's fastest Rotary Drag Racing at Calder Park 2011
It's drag racing time at Calder Park in Melbourne, and PAC Performance is there to take on the competition with the world's fastest rotary. Pure Zoom-Zoom!