Driving in Lagos, Nigeria

I'm driving in the streets of Lagos, known for the world's worst traffic! http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/08/24/the_world_s_worst_traffic?page=0,4

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I am Nigerian not a drug pusher
A UK based Nigerian woman is stopped at immigration on suspicion of drug-trafficking....

An exploratory journey by rail through Lagos, Nigeria. Filmed by Danie Nortje, Client R&H Rail.

Don't Tell My Mother - Lagos
Home to some 18 million people, Lagos, Nigeria is known for epic traffic jams, poverty, and pollution. Yet thousands of newcomers arrive there every day in hopes of finding a better life. Foreign correspondent Diego Bunuel crisscrosses Lagos to find out why. With a turn in a Nollywood film production and some daring transportation methods, Diego discovers the creative and inventive spirit of the Lagosians who survive and thrive in this overwhelming metropolis.

Driving in Lagos, Nigeria
Traveling to Sovereign Grace Bible Church, November 6, 2013. Eight members of Christ Bible Church, Pleasanton, Ca. on a missionary trip to Lagos, Nigeria from October 30-November 8.