03 vtx 1300 sumo-x kit

03 vtx 1300 customized with 240 sumo-x fat tire kit and more.

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Sound comparison Dark Fire VTX and F Model with BUB pipes 001.MOV
These are my 2 VTX's and the difference in the way the 2 bikes sound

My 2006 Honda VTX 1300C - Candy Orange, 240 fat tire kit, 21" Front Mimic Wheel
My 2006 Honda VTX 1300C - Candy Orange, 240 fat tire kit, 21" Front Mimic Wheel 240 fat tire kit, 6 degree raked, 21 inch mimic front wheel, chin spoiler, candy orange, fork covers

Honda VTX1300 fat tire (240) install overview
I've been asked about the difficulty of changing my tire and rim on my custom Honda VTX1300 in case of a flat. Most sites will tell you it's a two man job, but as you can see in my video, one guy can handle it just fine. With the proper tools, a shop manual for torque specs, the bike secured safely, and a couple of cold ones on the shelf, the tire practically changes itself. This video is not a step by step how-to video, rather an overview of what to expect. There are a lot of variances on custom bikes, so your setup and procedure, though similar, will undoubtedly be somewhat different. If you find this video useful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, it really helps. The intro to the video, as well as the burning shop manual were done using Adobe After Effects. The turning motorcycle animation at the end was created using 3D Studio Max. I hope to create a new channel very soon dedicated to Adobe After Effects and Film making, so stay tuned for that. My bike build link: http://www.vtxoa.com/forums/7-vtx-1300-riders-board/323785-randy-s-2006-vtx -1300c-build-page.html SumoX: http://www.sumo-xstore.com/category_s/25.htm VTX Owners Association: http://www.vtxoa.com/forums/

HONDA VTX 1800C 240 fat tire
sumo-x wide swingarm & malice style wheels (front is stock size,rear is 240×18)