R31 Skyline turbo, drift practice Archerfield!

My turbo RB30 R31 Skyline at Archerfield drift practice

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Drift - Victoria's youngest drifter - R31 tribute
Unique Designs Australia MRDRIFT31's last successful event at Winton before its end at Calder park. This is a short story featuring Greg and Sam hicks, a 17 year old boys escape. enjoi

Luke Howard R31 Skyline turbo Lake Barrington Hillclimb drift
Luke Howard of HTS Division R31 Skyline turbo NWCC Lake Barrington Hillclimb drift 23/3/2013

(DRIFT31) RB30DET R31 Drift Practice August 2011
Smashin some tyres at August practice day 2011 with the vic drift car club, awesome day, to bad the camera broke before lunch, but still all in all a fantastic day with loads of fun, well done from everyone who made this day possable:)

r31 skyline drifting at matsuri 2012
Me drifting my non turbo r31 at winton drift matsuri, heaps of fun:)