Fiat 126 V8 vs VW Golf Turbo

Fiat 126p V8 6.3l 500hp Dragster powered by TAZ Racing on the 1/4 mile at "King of Europe" in Chimay Belgium.

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Fiat 500 & 600 with Yamaha R1 Engine, Tipo on Dyno, Fiat 126 V8 & more
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Taz Racing Fiat 126's at Santa Pod Raceway
The Taz Racing Fiat 126's Drag Racing at Santa Pod Raceway, UK. Hit subscribe for regular content from UK Car Shows and Drag Racing You can also find me on.... Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - More Information on the Fiats and the Taz Racing Team here -

Fiat 126 Maluch (with Chevy V8 power)
Video recorded at the Silverstone Classic, July 2011. On a makeshift drag strip on the Wellington Straight at Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, UK. More details of this amazing little car here:

Zuk V8 Katowice