900hp Talon

Black Betty layin down some rubber....

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Eagle Talon TSi Vs Subaru wrx CRASH (Spectator Drags)
First Gen Eagle Talon TSi Crashes into the frontstretch wall of Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA while racing against a Subaru WRX hatchback during the Spectator Drags. Thankfully, the driver walks away. Onboard with the talon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bih3-JHuy4 Song: Exigence by Aaron Spencer

chris's video of destruction
A man and his dsm and the hell they go through. Car runs on e85, turbo is a fp3052, 9:1 c/r, bc 280 cams, shep dogbox transmission, 4 bolt rear, stock transfercase, stock front alxes, driveshaft shop rear axles.

DSM Owned By Pickup
My good ol' truck. Specs on truck since nobody seems to believe me, IN THE VIDEO, my truck has 3.43 gears with open diff, stock 428 out of an old tourino cop car, and worn out street tires. The truck as is runs 13.5. Before I took the truck to college which is where this was shot, it had 4.11 gears with full locker, 150hp shot of Nitrous, and ran 11.9 at it's best. If you don't believe me I really don't care. Have fun keyboard warriors. For those of you that care, this next spring,summer I will have my turbocharged 393W Fairlane built. Stay tuned :0

Slowboy's Black Betty takes to the streets, dyno run inside.
Slowboy's Black Betty takes to the streets, Dyno run inside.