Car show exhaust competition final round

Exhaust competition final round caliber vs crown Victoria Caliber takes the win.

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WBM 2010 Exhaust Competition
This was the Exhaust competition up at WBM 2010 at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. The winner had an Exhaust that measured 109 db. These are the results for the 2012 SCCA Solo Nationals 20Results.pdf and this is the registration list for the SCCA RallyCross nationals -E7B8-2073-66BAF21E5FBA055D#.UHAXflErj0Q

GR 2010 Exhaust competition

Bad Mazda RX 7 Loud Exhaust at Car Show SVG

Exotic Car Show Exhaust Competition
Exhaust Competition at a car show here in Jacksonville, Fl. Some nice cars came out that day.