Chevy Colorado 3 12s cozmik ported box

new system 3 12" cozmiks hit pretty hard camera sucks but itll b ight plus ported box witch sux so comment im wonderin if i shud get a sealed box instead

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Colorado subwoofer box
Cajon de 1.27 pies cubicos ventilado con un puerto de 3" de diametro entonado a 33 Hz, Facil de subir y bajar de la camioneta debido a que no hay especio ni para un subwoofer de los planos en ninguna parte de la camioneta.

3 AudioPipe 15's Pulled over at Myrtle Beach
Well this is just a short vid of me getting pulled over at the beach witgh my buddy taylor lol!! Also listen for when the guy this this was a GROSS violation Rofl COPS make me =) jk but please sub like and comment if you would like to see anything!!

system in chevy colorado
My two kicker cvr 12s shaking the stuff in my kitchen

My Subs On Chevy Colorado (:
My Subs On Chevy Colorado (: