Chevy Colorado 3 12s cozmik ported box

new system 3 12" cozmiks hit pretty hard camera sucks but itll b ight plus ported box witch sux so comment im wonderin if i shud get a sealed box instead

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Colorado subwoofer box
Cajon de 1.27 pies cubicos ventilado con un puerto de 3" de diametro entonado a 33 Hz, Facil de subir y bajar de la camioneta debido a que no hay especio ni para un subwoofer de los planos en ninguna parte de la camioneta.

Ten Inch Sub Box for 2015 Colorado Crew Cab
Brand new, this is our Single 10 Front Fire Sub Box for the 2015 Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab Pickup. Check it out as well as our other sub box designs for this truck

system in chevy colorado
My two kicker cvr 12s shaking the stuff in my kitchen

Jack In the Box Drive-Thru - Chevy Tahoe 4 18's All new Rockford Amps and Mids/highs
a video i made while rollin around checkin my new system out. Stopped for a snack and the guy at the drive thru has heard about me and wanted to hear it himself. I noticed the bag moving from behind the window but you cant see it that good on video. Anyway the new system is really loud and clean! Check out the system build video's to see whats all inside!