12 Hours of Sebring 2012 - Corvette Racing - Onboard (18mins)

12 Hours of Sebring 2012 Few laps with Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1, and finally exit to the pits to swap drivers.

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PCA Sebring 2013 Sprint Race 1 Start Crash
Mayhem at the start of Sprint 1 at Sebring. 5 cars out in Turn 1 and I barley miss getting caught up in the action. Amazing stopping power on the new car.

Aston Martin Racing - Stefan Mücke - Sebring International Raceway - theCheckeredFlag.co.uk
The American Le Mans Series heads to Sebring International Raceway this weekend for the first round of the 2013 season. Despite being left off the FIA World Endurance Championship calender the race will see a number of FIA WEC regulars taking part in the first race of the season including Aston Martin Racing. theCheckeredFlag.co.uk has teamed up with AMR and #97 driver Stefan Mucke to bring you this video filmed in 2012 to give you an in-car experience of the classic 3.7 mile former World War II airfield circuit. Join us as we ride on-board Aston Martin Vantage powered by the 4.5 Litre V8 engine, we were going to get Stefan to do a voice over for this preview, but we decided the awesome sound from the roar of the engine deserved to be uninterrupted. Throughout the FIA WEC season we will be bringing you these exclusive videos as a taster of what is to come in the race, for now -- sit back and enjoy 2 laps around the Florida circuit and see how it is done in America. Keep a look out this week for the latest news leading up to the opening race plus full reports from the sessions over the weekend. http://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk

[Onboard] Corvette C5R Le Mans 2004
A lap in Corvette C5R @ Le Mans 24 Hours 2004

ZR1 Sebring Jan 2014; #4
Imagine your on your favorite road, with your favorite car, and there's no speed limit......you are suppose to go as fast as your car can go......down every straight and curve......and you're chasing the cars in front.........and cars behind are chasing you.......this EXCITEMENT cannot be duplicated by this video alone. It looks easy on the video, but is anything but that. Then the theres the G-forces of acceleration, deceleration and the car at the edge of grip in the turns. You're trying to keep you car under control, on the fastest 'line' in and out of the turns......without crashing or running into somebody else. You're trying to gain a second here and there by accelerating hard and braking late and hard. You're analyzing the feedback your car and tires are giving you about the track conditions. Get it right and its very rewarding, get it wrong and it's a flatbed ride back to the pits and a big check to write. Do a track day ride along and you'll have a new appreciation for race car drivers!