Twin Turbo 383 Fox

Twin turbo 383 Mustang

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This is my SVT tuned 349 stroker at about 1/2 throttle in our neighborhood, as it will blow the tires off ,12 lb vortech blown,afr heads,60 lb injectors and to much to list. Made over 620 to the wheels first pull and is capable of more, we street tuned for drivability at 580 rwh and 550 tq on 93 octang and stock timing.

8 sec street car (twin turbo mustang)
Twin turbo Mustang street car on drag radials

Justin's twin turbo mustang
Justin's twin turbo Mustang

1000HP Twin Turbo Cobra in the Streets
The DGR built 1000 HP Twin turbo Cobra hitting the streets of downtown Frederick. Don't forget to subscribe for more!