Monster Quad at Sand Mountain.

Monster Quad does 93 MPH at Sand Mountain, Reno, NV

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Monster Quad Drag Bike Leaves Trubo Hyabusa at Sand Mountain

Xtreme Motorworks Impulse turbo powered Nytro / Raptor 400hp
Xtreme Motorworks built custom Raptor chassis, 4in over front, 14in over SLC swing arm. Powered by a Nytro sled motor, JE pistons, cnc porting, plus one valves, Impulse 2871 race turbo kit with stand alone fuel injection, making 400hp

Sand Mountain Quad Drag Compilation - 10/31/09
Here is a clip we made of the footage we recorded at Sand Mountain on Halloween. Hope you like it.

Quad Crashes on Sand
Sorry for the audio, was a problem converting.