1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Very nice car...I love those dashes...both inside and out. The owner indicated these are pretty rare models..and this would definitely be one I would want! 400 c.i. engine!

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1965 Ford Falcon convertible
This is one fine car! By 1965 the car line had matured..and had great styling details and as you see, great color combinations inside and out! Falcon has a lot of devoted fans and collectors, and you can see why!

1957 Pontiac Star Chief 4 door hardtop
I really like this car..the two tone color scheme is apparent with the outside and inside colors...if only cars today had such matching color schemes! The rocket motif is apparent on the side and back end of the car. Note the tremendous detail...twin rocket ships on the front fenders, chrome bows in the interior roof line...very stylish!

1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon
This is typical of wooden wagons of the period...nothing fancy...it was meant to haul people and goods and it did an admirable job of it! But even this hauler had style...I think Ford tried to put nice styling touches in every vehicle they made!

1966 Dodge Coronet 440 hardtop
I mention this as a 1967 model..but some keen observers corrected this...it's a 1966 model Now this is an authentically restored and preserved car! 383 c.i. engine, four barrel carburetor. This is a serious performance car with the four speed manual, shifter on the floor. This black interior really wears well..and the front bench seat is a refreshing change from all the bucket seats and consoles of the time. The roofline is peculiar to Chrysler products...I like it..it sets them apart! Note the red line tires and "dog dish" hubcaps! What a car! Owned by the same individual whose 55 Chevy I captured on video a few weeks ago.