Force Fed Racing turbo CRX dyno run at 30 psi

Force Fed Racing Honda CRX Dyno run at 30 psi with Borg Warner S372 turbo on E85. 702-582-6660

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Force Fed Racing Turbo CRX 733 HP Dyno Run
Force Fed Racing turbo CRX 733 HP Dyno Run at 34 PSI with Bullseye S372 turbo on E85. Las Vegas, NV 582-6660

PFI girl Stacie Rivers turbo CRX new build first dyno 693hp
Stacie Rivers S372 turbo CRX 693 hp 416 tq

Team eNVi - Biggie's Single Cam 600+ HP Dyno Run
Biggie's EG Hatch from Team eNVi Tuned at Force Fed Racing in Las Vegas, NV 702-582-6660

Sleeper Auto Sport Civic Coupe B18c 738WHP 468WTQ Tuned by SlowMotion
Jeremy Listons Coupe on the Dynapack being tuned by Corey from SlowMotion 738 HP and 468 TQ B18c with a Borg Warner S372 on 30 PSI