Superjet Team Insane 3.1

Having Fun!!!!!!!

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Superjet 1200
First movie of the Superjet 1200

Rickter FR-2 EVO-1
Available through Jetworks Performance as a hull or complete ski with the set up of your choice. The new Rickter FR2 EVO1 as ridden in the video by Rickter Sponsored Rider Pierre Maxient, as well as Rickter sponsored rider Taylor Curtis. Designed for Motosurf/Freeride and as the most versatile hull for the recreational rider market.

Barrel Roll SJ Stock
Yamaha SJ-2004 stock barrel roll. Steering mod and foot well only. 30% wake 30% engine 40% skill

Freestyle Yamaha Super Jet 700
Freestyle Yamaha Super Jet Ski