Mercedes 560SL Delilah Dyno Run

Delilah 1988 MB 560SL Stock 161,000 miles 183RWHP 238 ft-lb

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Junkyard Finds 560SL
A complete red 560SL in the junkyard. Too nice and expensive for the junkyard

1988 Mercedes 560sl SeaFoam cleaning
Use the power brake Booster vacuum line and let the seafoam sit in the intke for 15 minutes. Start the motor and give it some throttle and enjoy the bug spray! Be sure to do this during daylight hours so your neighbors can enjoy it with you!

Mercedes 560SL 600SL Samson Dyno Run
Samson 1986 MB 560SL with M120 V12 Engine. 347RWHP 338 ft-Lb