Ford Capri vs Audi TT (explosion of the coil)

Explosion of the ignition coil pack with the second gear. Poland, Bagicz 2011

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Ford Capri Documentary - The Car is the Star Part 1
The Car's the Star presented by Quentin Wilson. This documentary is in two parts and is all about the Ford Capri. I've had eight Capris, so this is just up my street, I hope it is yours - enjoy! This is part 1

Audi TT Vs Vauxhall Insignia Road Rage
This channel now on facebook This video on youtube channel Lucy Crook and thought Id share it on my channel. Here is the full video

Changing Audi Ignition Coils
Symptoms and How to Change Ignition Coil on 2007 B7 Audi A4

RPM needle jumps and engine subtly vibrates while idle and while driving
I Have a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T AWM I got the Transmission control module replaced about 3 days ago as it died on me,the new used TCM works great. I was getting off work at 8:00 am in the morning,i turned on the engine and let it idle like i always do,for 2 minutes or so,until the rps goes below the 1000 rpm mark,its above the 1000 rpm mark,when i first start the car,then after 2 or so minutes it comes down below that mark. This time however,i noticed the needle jumping up for seconds at a time,as the needle jumps,the engine shakes very slightly,no check engine light comes on though. While driving,it does it too,it is Noticeable at times,but very noticible when i come to a stop light,then i can see the needle jumping and feel the vibration from the engine shaking for a split second. It's not a violent shake,just very subtle but again,it is Noticeable.