2011 Audi S4 1/4 mile with GIAC software and AWE-Tuning goodies 12.14et

2011 Audi S4 1/4 mile with GIAC software and AWE-Tuning goodies

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GIAC Stage II Audi S4 vs APR Stage II
Two FBO Audi S4's, both DSG cars. Relevant mods are in video. First time editing so be kind. Silver S4 currently holds fastest B8 S4 1/4 Mile ET in the world. My car is chasing him! Hopefully soon, having some Boost bypass issues.

APR Tuned S4 vs. GIAC Tuned S4 take 4
2010 S4 -- APR tune, pulley, CPS, 034 HFC's, Miltek non-res Exhaust, custom intake, Brembo BBK, JHM LW rear rotors, BBS CHR wheels, H&R sways, and Alu-Kruez 2012 S4 -- GIAC tune, GIAC DSG tune, pulley, meth injection, Eurocode longtubes, AWE resonated Exhaust, roc-euro intake, VMR wheels, ECS rotors, Eurocode USS setup, Alu-Kruez, H&R sports, and SPC adj. control arms (Did NOT spray for any runs)

Mustang GT 5.0 vs Audi S4 Tuned - 3x Races
Camera guy messed up on the last race - started video taping 2 seconds after they took off. Otherwise pretty good races, both cars are pushing similar power, it just depends who gets a better start. For the record Mustang was automatic also.

GIAC Software - B8 S4 Top Speed Limiter Removal Testing
Here we are testing the removal of the speed limiter for the release of our upcoming B8 S4 software. This test is done with no load and is litereally just to test that we are able to pass the factory speed limiter without issue. Test recorded with a GoPro Hero HD.