2010 Mustang GT vs. 2007 Nissan 350z

Just having a little fun with my brother. Mustang is running a couple of bolt on mods with a 93 octane tune and 3.73 gears and the Z is slightly modified with no tune. Both cars started in 2nd gear from 30mph and the Z had 1 passenger. Race was in mexico.

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350z HR vs 2008 Mustang GT
2008 350z hr- Exhaust, short ram intakes 2008 Mustang Gt-test pipes, xpipe unknown mods

2010 mustang gt vs 2016 challenger

2012 Mustang V6 vs Nissan 350Z (My 1st Drag Race Ever)
This video shows one full lap down the drag strip and back around to staging line at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during Midnight Mayhem Friday September 13th. This is my very first drag race ever, so I did not understand the starting lights. I went to far then was told to reverse the second I rolled back the light changed and I was still in reverse. I also missed third but somehow pulled it off. I spent the whole night racing with traction control on because I was so nervous that I never noticed. Even when I could not burn out I just thought that the drag strip was that sticky (Fail) :) Current Mods: *C&L Cold Air Intake *Roush Axle Back Exhaust *Stage 3 Tune

2003 Nissan 350Z vs 2007 Mustang GT
350Z - bolt ons. Mustang GT - magnaflow Exhaust.