High Reving Big Block

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SVRE 482 Big Block Ford 9500 rpms
Steve Vance Racing Engines 482 Big Block Ford 1100hp @ 9000 rpms. 7000-9500 rpm test sweep. Single Barry Grant king demon carb. Barrys carb- not the new Holley version...

Dart NHRA Pro Stock Dyno Pull
We test out the awesome power of an NHRA Pro Stock motor on our Dyno! The technology we develop for these bad boys is then applied to our production heads and blocks.

High revving small block ford
Small block

Dodge Charger R/T 517" MAX WEDGE Stroker-countin' 'em off at idle!
Curb idle set at 1050 rpm, 12:1 compression big juice roller cam, awesome throttle response! This car has had about 6 motors in her (Hey I'm a gearhead...what can I say??) over the 25 years I've had her, from blown 440's to Nitrous motors to a couple big block 500" strokers. This 517 4.375" bore x 4.300" stroke is the best and baddest of the bunch. www.streetwizeperformance.com