High Reving Big Block

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496 Big Block Chevy 900 HP Drag Race Engine 7600 RPM Dyno Pull
496 BBC, 13:9 CR Pro-Filer 320 Sniper Heads, Solid Roller Cam, Sniper JR Intake, 1150 Ultra Dominator, VP Blue Fuel. 905 HP 711TQ

12000 rpm nova at it again!
289 cuin sbc 10.5 lbs per cuin nova vs 4.5 lb big block Camaro. Modified racing at eddyville Ia

Comp Eliminator Screaming at 9,600 rpm on the Dyno
This is a 510 cubic inch big block Chevy built by our friends at Westech Perforamnce that will compete in NHRA's Comp Eliminator. Watch as this engine screams all the way up to 9,600 rpm on the Dyno. Also, keep an eye on the distributor, which had to be retightened after the run.

Big block Chevy revving
Startup of corvette big block at Wexford starlite car cruise horsepower night 8-7-15