2011 FORD SHO HOLE SHOT vs R8 Audi 600HP TUNE 12.1sec.

This one was close from the start to the end. SHO R8 R/T .755 .886 60' 1.94 1.87 330 5.53 5.15 1/8 8.49 7.86 1000 11.03 10.15 1/4 13.18 12.09 Let see $40k and 13.18 1/4mi (97deg) vs $148k and12.09 for $3k I be running 12.1sec

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Boss 302 Vs. Taurus SHO

2011 FORD SHO HOLE SHOT vs gray GTR 10sec.
I hole shot 2 GTR THAT NIGHT. This one ran a 10.859 I ran 1.93 in 60' after that for 8sec more I eat GTR SMOKE LOL

2011 SHO world's fastest (tune only) vs 5.0 kona blu MUSTANG
12.669sec fastest time of the night. The OLD LADY mist that run but got my 12.741sec, 12.744sec,and 12.739sec. All faster than BEEFCAKE's world's fastest 2010 ford Taurus @ 12.79sec. (tune only). There are faster SHO but they other MODs like METH INJECTION, CATLESS DOWNPIPES. Sorry for the bad video(OLD LADY good glad bad video)

2011 FORD SHO vs Lexus SC400
Ran a 13.25 on him with a R/T of .329 and he red lighted by -.125sec and I still 60'ft him 2.0sec. vs 2.5sec.