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Chevrolet Spin

Scheila Canto foi a São Paulo conhecer o novo Chevrolet Spin, um veículo versátil e que chega para substituir a Zafira e a Meriva.


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Chevrolet Spin - Test Drive
El Chevrolet Spin en un Test drive muy completo. Kiara Automotora - Concesionario Oficial Chevrolet Avenida 44 entre 141 y 142 - (0221) 4795300 - 0800 999 0030 Camino Centenario entre 509 y 510 - (0221) 4718868

@Motor Expo 2012 | Chevrolet Spin
After the new Colorado, TrailBlazer and Sonic. The next queuing Chevrolet is now the new "Spin", here in ME2012. Born in Indonesia, surpassed many tests in 4 continents of the world, to become a new minivan that answers today's needs of lives.

Chevrolet SPIN Advantage 2014 1.8 Automático
Review da Chevrolet SPIN Advantage 2014. Principais características e detalhes deste modelo. Vídeo mostrando o consumo com gasolina na estrada: http://youtu.be/y4iK3PN5ebM

chevrolet spin
chevrolet spin ltz brasil


A TODA PROVA: Chevrolet Spin - Teste
O piloto Carlos Cunha coloca o primeiro carro MPV da Chevrolet, ou seja, um veículo multi propósitos, completo, feito para tudo e para todos, a toda prova! E o melhor: com sua capacidade máxima porque a família Laner aceitou o desafio e participa desse teste radical no Chevrolet Spin!

2013 Chevrolet Spin LTZ - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2013 Detroit Auto Show
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Chevrolet Spin passa pelo teste do Vrum
(Vrum-19/08/12)Emilio Camanzi testa o Chevrolet Spin. Ele substitui com a mesma carroceria mas em duas versões distintas, LT e LTZ, o Meriva e o Zafira respectivamente. Será que as notas são boas?

Test Drive: 2013 Chevrolet Spin LTZ
• more detail: http://goo.gl/yhLMY7 • vdo: wara hudsarang • music: chai MT

Chevrolet SPIN Facilities.
Chevrolet SPIN Facilities.

2013 Chevrolet Assembled spin Indonesia.flv
Chevrolet Spin has enough room for 7 passengers. MPV provides ample leg room freely. For the third-row seat or the rear seat can be folded forward to a spacious storage capacity. Rasanya tak ada yang sulit bagi The All New Chevrolet Spin. Jok yang dapat dilipat dengan rasio 60/40, dan jok baris ketiga yang dapat dilipat memungkinkan penumpangnya dapat dengan mudah masuk dan keluar. Kemudian didukung oleh airbags dan anti-lock braking system (ABS), juga immobilizer. Chevrolet Spin juga menawarkan pilihan transmisi otomatis 6-percepatan pada tipe bensin 1.5L. Hal ini tidak dijumpai pada pesaing sekelasnya. Bahkan Spin menyajikan alternatif pilihan transmisi manual 5-percepatan. Sementara varian lain menawarkan mesin diesel turbo injeksi dengan commonrail 4 silinder 1.3L, yang menghasilkan torsi sebesar 190 Nm dan 75 hp. Chevrolet Spin juga tersedia dalam mesin bensin 1.2L dan 1.5L. Varian Spin LS dan LT dibekali mesin bensin 1.2L 4 silinder DOHC 16 Valve Dual VVT-i, model LT lain menggunakan mesin berkapasitas 1.500 cc 4 silinder DOHC 16 Valve Dual VVT-i. Mesin yang digunakan Spin LT 1.5L sama dengan tipe LTZ. Sedangkan mesin diesel 4 silinder Commonrail Direct Injection turbo terdiri atas tiga tipe, yakni 1.3 LS, 1.3 LT dan 1.3 LTZ. Pada model Spin 1.2 LS/LT, 1.3 LS/LT dan 1.5 LT inside door handle berwarna hitam (black), sementara krom hanya terdapat pada varian 1.5 LTZ dan 1.3 LTZ. Di bagian kokpit, trim seat cloth & warna trim kursi Spin 1.2 LS/LT, 1.3 LS/LT dan 1.5 LT adalah Timber & Urban, model 1.5 LTZ dan 1.3 LTZ bernuansa Lumini & Light Platinum. Desain steering wheel varian Spin 1.2 LS, 1.2 LT, 1.5 LT, 1.3 LS, 1.3 LT sama, yakni 3 spoke PU with golden bow tie. Chevy Spin tipe 1.5 LTZ dan 1.3 LTZ juga sama, berupa 3 spoke with golden bow tie dan silver trim plate. Sementara sistem audio juga memiliki kelengkapan berbeda. Sistem audio Spin 1.2 LS, 1.3 LT, dan 1.3 LTZ terdiri dari AM/FM stereo, seek/scan, clock, ETR, USB with 4-speaker, Spin 1.2 LT, 1.5 LT, dan 1.5 LTZ dimodali AM/FM stereo, seek/scan, CD, ETR, clock DSP, MP/WMA, USB, AUX/IN, Wireless Interface (Bluetooth) dengan 4-speaker. Spin tipe 1.3 LS hanya dilengkapi AM/FM stereo, seek/scan, clock, ETR, USB with 4-speaker. Varian Spin termurah LS 1.2L dijual sekitar Rp 139 juta. Untuk semua Chevrolet Spin, GM memberikan garansi selama 3 tahun tanpa batas kilometer. http://otoall.blogspot.com/2013/03/spin-chevrolet-has-enough-room-for.html

Chevrolet Spin - Detalhes - NoticiasAutomotivas.com.br
Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet Spin - Estrada - NoticiasAutomotivas.com.br
Chevrolet Spin, Nova Chevrolet Spin

Chevy Reaper Showcased at Motor Press Guild Track Days 2014
Chevy Reaper Showcased at Motor Press Guild Track Days 2014 Willow Springs International Raceway Right Track Motoring / GT Channel Network Footage Captured with Sony PMW300 XDCAM

Total Chevrolet - Teste Drive Spin

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