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Chevrolet Spin

Scheila Canto foi a São Paulo conhecer o novo Chevrolet Spin, um veículo versátil e que chega para substituir a Zafira e a Meriva.


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Chevrolet Spin - Test Drive
El Chevrolet Spin en un Test drive muy completo. Kiara Automotora - Concesionario Oficial Chevrolet Avenida 44 entre 141 y 142 - (0221) 4795300 - 0800 999 0030 Camino Centenario entre 509 y 510 - (0221) 4718868

A TODA PROVA: Chevrolet Spin - Teste
O piloto Carlos Cunha coloca o primeiro carro MPV da Chevrolet, ou seja, um veículo multi propósitos, completo, feito para tudo e para todos, a toda prova! E o melhor: com sua capacidade máxima porque a família Laner aceitou o desafio e participa desse teste radical no Chevrolet Spin!

chevrolet spin
chevrolet spin ltz brasil

Minivan Chevrolet SPIN LTZ
Minivan Chevrolet SPIN LTZ

Chevrolet Spin passa pelo teste do Vrum
(Vrum-19/08/12)Emilio Camanzi testa o Chevrolet Spin. Ele substitui com a mesma carroceria mas em duas versões distintas, LT e LTZ, o Meriva e o Zafira respectivamente. Será que as notas são boas?

All New Chevrolet Spin 2013
All New Chevrolet Spin 2013, More Info & photos in : http://goo.gl/WVQGK

General Motors Argentina. Lanzamiento Chevrolet Spin. Test Drive (1ra Parte)
General Motors Argentina presentó el Chevrolet Spin, un monovolumen ideal para las familias, con capacidad para 5 ó 7 pasajeros. Test Drive: Conduce Norberto Lema. Acompaña Yayo Hourmilougue. 02-10-2012. LA QUINTA PATA. WEYA PR

Chevrolet Spin Review by James Deakin

2013 Chevrolet Spin - New!!!
2013 Chevrolet Spin

Test Chevrolet Spin Diesel

Test Chevrolet Spin
Noticias Sobre Ruedas TV Programa #381 - Emitido el 25-11-2012 Domingos 10:30 hs por A24 Test Chevrolet Spin

Te mostramos el Lanzamiento del Nuevo Chevrolet SPIN en Argentina

Prueba: Chevrolet Spin LTZ AT6
Prueba de la Chevrolet Spin por Autoblog Uruguay. Leer la prueba completa: http://www.autoblog.com.uy/2013/01/prueba-chevrolet-spin-ltz-at6-parte-1.ht ml

Lançamento da Nova Chevrolet Spin (minivan)
A Chevrolet revelou na noite desta quarta-feira (27) as primeiras imagens oficiais da minivan Spin. Desenvolvida sobre a plataforma do sedã Cobalt, ela será a substituta de Meriva e Zafira e, para isso, repete a fórmula de sua principal concorrente, a Nissan Livina. O modelo da Chevrolet terá sobre o mesmo carro versões com 5 e 7 lugares. No entanto, todos os detalhes oficiais serão conhecidos amanhã durante coletiva para imprensa especializada.

2015 All New Chevrolet Spin First Look redesign Price Specs Review
2015 All New Chevrolet Spin First Look redesign Price Specs Review - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Review: Chevrolet Spin 1.5 LTZ Photos by Ulysses Ang The Asian Utility Vehicle or AUV was once the staple of car manufacturers in the Philippines. With a lucrative tax incentive and the Filipino's penchant for traveling with their extended kin made them the proverbial "king of the road". Today, AUVs have taken a different role altogether. With the incentives gone, car manufacturers have opted to go Multi-Purpose Vehicle or MPV instead. Meanwhile, the AUVs have become mini-MPVs of sorts; slotting below entry-level MPVs in both size and price. But don't let that repositioning fool you: the AUV is still a sought after segment; focusing on Filipino families, who want a 7-seater, but can't or don't want to spend anything above one million pesos. Besides price, AUVs are also known for their small displacement engines and cheap ownership cost. Given this formula, Chevrolet has upped the AUV game and has gone a step further by giving style and sophistication through the Spin. Developed specifically for emerging markets, the first thing you notice with the Spin is how compact it is. With a wheelbase of just 2,620 mm and an overall length of just 4,260 mm, it's no longer than a typical compact sedan. But this is where Chevrolet designers start to get crafty. By reducing the overhangs and adopting a formal squared-off roofline with a large greenhouse, the Spin looks like a 90th percentile MPV. More than just being practical, the Spin is also stylish and modern-looking. The front-end is cute with its large, expressive headlamps and the smiling dual-port grille. The front bumpers also visually cut an aerodynamic profile. At the side, the Spin doesn't rely on any sort of door molding; instead it has a strong crease on the doors sandwiched by two wheel flares that extend onto the doors. The Spin's rearview is more functional, but the central cutout for the door handle and the mudguard "lip" on the bumper add a dose of style. The tall roofline and large windows already give a great feeling of space, but Chevrolet designers went a step further and used light toned plastics and fabrics to give the airiest cabin experience possible. Going with a two-toned hue, the Spin has a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. The plastics are hard to the touch, but they're well-textured and solidly put together. The seats feel rich and opulent, though they seem to attract dark-colored lint, so regular vacuuming is a must. The dashboard design itself maximizes available space by making it as flat and canting upward as much as possible. Yet, there's a wealth of storage and cubby holes (22 in total) including one of the largest door pockets you'll ever see in a car. In terms of interior space, all three rows of the Spin is certified Average Filipino friendly (average being 160 cm or so in height). The front and second row seats offer nice support making this a great car to drive or to be driven in. The driver has the added comfort of a 4-way adjustable seat and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel. The three-spoke steering wheel itself is nice to grip. Those in the third row will have to be content with a slightly knees-up position but the adjustable headrests and recline helps make trips more comfortable. With all three rows up there's barely enough space to even fit a duffel bag, but fold and flip the third row bench forward (it locks into place via a crude cord tied to the second row headrest), the luggage space grows to fit airport luggage. To fit longer items such as stand fans and golf bags, the Spin's second row folds flat in a 60/40 split-fold.

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