Ford Mustang Drag Race: 1977 Mustang II vs.2003 Mustang

Hanna Cruisers hosting a 1/8th mile Drag Race on the airstrip. Hanna Alberta mayor going for a ride in the 1977 Mustang II, racing against the M.P. in the 2003 Mustang. The mayor of Hanna gets the win!

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"Nightmare" Mustang II
Just got it back from paint and getting the new stripes. I had new fiberglass spoilers and bumpers put on, all new weatherstripping, and new carpet. I decided to name the car "Nightmare" for all the problems we had putting it back together. Just a note DONT buy ANYTHING from Phoenix Graphix! Still have some minor details to finish like all red taillight conversion. Also have some new leather seats to figure out how to mount.

Corrado 8v turbo vs Ford Mustang II
Run 400m Lurcy-levis 2008

1977 Ford Mustang II "Project Pony" 2014 upgrades
this shows the upgrades done this year to the Mustang II. TKO600-5 speed, tubular upper/lower A-arms, full WillWood front and rear discs, 5-lug conversion, new 2004 GT 8.8 rear end 3:24 gears narrowed 2.5" each side, Moser axels, adjustable link traction system, coil over front suspension, hydraulic clutch set up, new rims painted to match stripes 15X8 front 16X10 rear. replaced all the new parts i just put on last year-front suspension, springs, shocks, calipers, OEM A-arms, brakes, rear suspension, C-4 trans, rear end [which turned out to be a 7.65 from 84 GT], 4-lug rims and tires, just wanted to make it even more bad ass! mission accomplished!!

Mustang II Dragrace
My home built '77 Mustang II drag car. This run was at Mission Raceway.