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MIKICA VESNIC TRIBUTE... 1994 - debitovao na kružnim, brdskim i reli stazama. Vicešampion Jugoslavije u reliju sa pežoom 205. U generalnom plasmanu relija za ŠJ, jedna pobeda 1995 - prvak Jugoslavije na kružnim i brdskim stazama sa automobilom BMW M3 grupe, a pobedio i na međunarodnoj trci u Sofiji. Treći u reliju u klasi 2.000, vozač godine na krugu i brdu i apsolutni vozač godine, deset pobeda 1996 - prvak Jugoslavije na kružnim stazama sa Alfa Romeom 155 ST- vozio medjunarodnu trku u Valelungi (Italija). Šampion Jugoslavije na krugu, osam rekorda staze na krugu i brdu, osam pobeda 1997 - vicešampion Jugoslavije na kružnim stazama sa Alfa ROMEOM 155 ST (vozio samo 3 trke). Vicešampion Jugoslavije na krugu, tri rekorda staze, tri pobede 1998 - prvak Jugoslavije na kružnim stazama sa Alfa Romeom 155 ST 1999 - debitovao u Reno klio kupu Evrope (31. mesto u konkurenciji 120 vozača) 2000 - vozio u Reno klio kupu Nemačke (12. mesto u generalnom plasmanu) 2001 - vozio 3 od 8 trka u Reno klio kupu Nemačke (jedna pobeda, jedno peto mesto, jedno šesto mesto, 14. mesto u generalnom plasmanu) 2002 - vozio Reno klio kup Nemačke 2003 - prvak SCG na kružnim stazama u klasi Superturizmo (4 pobede) 2004 - prvak SCG na kružnim stazama u klasi Superturizmo 2005 - vicešampion SCG na kružnim stazama u klasi ST 2006 - prvak SCG na kružnim stazama 2007 - šampion SCG na kružnim stazama, rekorder brdske trke "Tara" 2007. 2008 - šampion Srbije na kružnim stazama - Opel Vectra ST, pobednik Srbija Rally klasa N3 - Honda Civic type R


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Mikica Vesnic Honda Civic Type R
Mala test voznja po gradu trkacke Honde Cicvic Type R klase N ;-)

ko je koga udario,batajnica 2007,MIKICA VESNIC
Timotic objasnjava Mikici ko je koga udario na kocenju u 1 krivini...tu su i M.Asanovic i Goran Asanovic gde on govori Timoticu da ce da ga tuzi zbog navodne prijave da Milosu nisu radili stopovi na kocenju.... ali se i obraca sinu da napravi stopove...

Jugo Rally
Brdske Trke Vlasenica 2008

marko pavlicevic, yugo mali n, brdska trka tara, 2007
marko pavlicevic, yugo mali n, onboard, brdska trka tara 2007

Fast STW Cars - Opel Vectra Honda Accord - Gr. H Golf 1 Renault Alpine A110 - Vol. 4
Remastered MPZ Classic Video of the 2004 Hillclimb St. Ursanne / Switzerland. Vol. 4. Stay tuned for all 10 clips of this race. Cars in Video: Opel Vectra STW Supertouringcar Honda Accord STW Super touring car VW Golf GTI Mk1 Renault Alpine Mercedes Benz 190 Evo

AMF :: Krug :: Nagrada Optima 2009 Zalužani :: Trka SRB VI (ST)
Kružna trka Nagrada Optima Banja Luka 2009. 20.-21.06.2009. Autodrom Zalužani Trka za Šampionat Srbije, Klasa VI (ST) Pogledajte 180 fotografija sa Nagrade Optima Banja Luka 2009 na http://www.AutoMotoFoto.com

Tara brdo 2007,MIKICA VESNIC

btcc tribute
btc tribute 1990-2000 Music BSO gladiator BSO requiem for a dream Miriam Stockley - adiemus BSO pirates of caribbean

OPEL Vectra B Tuning

Mikica Vesnic i Dejan Joca
Subaru Impreza WRX STi,staza Nacionalne vozacke akademije(Navak) 2010.

B. Cvetic Sajamski reli 2008 Zuce-Avala-mali N
Sajamski Reli 2008 2. vreme



Opel Vectra 0-180km/h
Opel Vectra 2.0 16V 136cv from 0 to 180km/h. M45.

Rally Crash Compilation 2: 60+ crashes!
This rally crashes compilation (Rally Crash, Rally Crashes, Compilation Rally Crash, Rally Compilation Crash, Compilation Rally Crashes, Rally Compilation Crashes, Crash Rally Compilation @ Driver look, Rally Rules!, Rally Crash Cars, Big Crashes, Impressive Rally Crashes, Rallying Compilation Crashers, Crashing Rally Driver & Co Pilot, mix, mash up, montage of rally cars accidents!) contains a special mix from Holland's best mix-dj: Dj Synchro, and video's from youtube! *UPDATE* 1: 50 000 views in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS! Thanks a lot *UPDATE* 2: HALF A MILLION!?!? In under 7 months this video got over 500 000 views. W O W . My best video 'till now ;)! Keep watching, responding and adding it to your favorites to get it to the top! Thanks, TheOnePb ** The video contains 60+ crashes (69 video's in 7:30), 10+ onride, some with special point of view like looking at the driver. I added one effect that you see one crash from 2 point at once! Also are there special video's never seen together before like Peter Solberg's big crash and a crash on the same place where you can see him stepping out his car. And a Belgium rally driver in the water getting his helmet with a branch:P! And of course famous video's like wheels falling off, tractors on the way, people who almost got hit! (in different video's!) and like 3 cars in the water... Even 2 drove in a house!! Of course the standard stupid crashes: they hit tree's, slip wrong, go way too fast and steer to much or even don't!! I tried to find out if there where lethal accidents, that I didn't put them in. So far I had no reaction of lethal crashes in this video, so I think it contains NO LETHAL crashes! If there are any, please contact me! Thanks to: Youtube and Dj Synchro! Music: Trance / Dance - Slam!Yam / Slam!Jam (former Slam!X) 07-13-'06 mix by Dj Synchro: SLAM ! YAM 13 July 2006; 01 - Drunkenmunky - E (DJ Boozywoozy mix) 02 - Driftwood - Anything goes 03 - Dj Jean - Every single day 04 - Dj Tiesto - Flight 643 05 - E-Craig - The beat goes on Below are Dj Synchro's website, forum and a podcast to download his Slam Yam's (this one not online jet): : http://www.djsynchro.nl/ http://www.djsynchro.nl/forum/ http://www.djsynchro.nl/music/podcast/ DO YOU WANT THIS AND NEWER MIXES FROM DJ SYNCHRO? Subscribe to his podcast below: http://www.djsynchro.nl/music/podcast/feed.xml Made with special effects like Zoomblur (RehanFx), Bloom, Bubble Warp (blainesville) and special translations like Translucency and Compositing (blainesville), Adorage translations and RehanFx: selfgradient A & B, PIP (Picture In Picture A+B), DPL PIP (5:05), All sort crashes, onride P.O.V. (point of view), offride, losing wheel crashes, rollon crashes, big, extreme crashes, crazy, mad, and impressive WRC (World Rally Championship, w.r.c.) crashes, crash, etc. This Compilation (Comp), Mix, Mash Up, Montage Of, Video, Videoclip of Rally Crashes (Rally Crash) and Rally Accidents (Rally Accident) from Rally Cars (Rally Car) and Rallying Rally Racers (Race), is made by TheOnePb This video contains video's from Colin McRae and Peter Solberg. Fok.nl - Thanks r(e)ally much for adding this video to your weblog! http://weblog.fok.nl/

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2001 Mazda Tribute dx: 17.076 @ 82.790
Aaron Huentelman,


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