Fiat UNO

this video is about Fiat Uno. I have fiat uno too. Good watching.

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Fiat Uno Turbo Mk1 '86 Check panel and stopwatch HD

Total destruction of fiat uno smashing cutting raming of an old fiat uno bought for a tenner so much fun For the attention of the fiat lovers out there this car was an mot failer the brakes where shit the underbody was roten so we,ve not smashed a perfecly good car up we just took it to the scrap yard in style.

Fiat Uno With Yamaha R1 Engine - Part 5
First Ride In Interlagos Race Track

Fiat Uno With Yamaha R1 Engine - Part 4 - First Ride
First ride. Leaving the garage after construction. Checking the parts. Car has not yet been aligned - Rear Wheel Drive - 180hp