Chevy Caprice with 350 TPI

1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with 350 (5.7L) V8 TPI L98 Engine. Engine swap. 173 kW (232 bhp) @ 4000 rpm, 343 lb-ft (465 Nm) @ 3000 rpm.

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Chevy Caprice Coupe Vs. Dodge Viper Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza [2009 - 08 - 01] 1/4 Mile

Cold start 355ci Monte Carlo
First start in weeks, I need to get tha beast out of the garage again for a prestone change on someones pickup truck. It started first try, no warmup before filming!

83 Chevy Caprice with 350 and Flowmaster (underhood + exhaust sample)
Its finally drivable. More videos to come showing the power gain. I'll be making a 0-60 and some burnouts after my Edelbrock carb is rebuilt and the trans is tuned correctly. I'm basically babying it right now, but so far its doing great! even in 100 degree weather!!

Flashback 1984: Caprice Classic
The General Motors plants in Oshawa have seen many changes over the years, as public tastes in automobiles change. For a time, cars grew smaller then began to increase in size again. In 1984, the trend was to downsize. As Valerie Macdonald reported, the last of the full size chevrolets came off the line that year. General Motors in Oshawa currently produces the Chevrolet Impala mid-size car, while General Motors in the U.S. produces full-size Buicks and Cadillacs.