Autofil - Mazda RX7 (English sub)

Jan-Erik test's a Mazda RX7 FD3S and have some fun with it for you viewing plessure

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Autofil - Honda NSX (English sub)
Autofil, a Norwegian auto enthusiast show with a somewhat whacky presenter [Jan-Erik Larsen (Species: Homosapiens Automobilus)], it's worth a look. It is with original sound and soundtrack made on the show, I have added nothing, and are not monitizing this video. one of the songs here is: Believe Me, I'm A Liar (Fluke Remix) - Hotei, Darren Price Virgin Jpn has muted the entire video due to this, I have since countered it.

Autofil - Nissan Skyline (English subs)
Nissan Skyline GT-R 33 tested by Norwegian Jan-Erik Larsen, for the Autofil show.

Autofil - BMW M3

Autofil - Audi RS6
Autofil sin Jan Erik tester Audi RS6 Avant...