LS1 S-10 breaks driveshaft

6speed Ls1 s10 breaks lowering blocks and driveshaft at track

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shorty s10 breaks driveshaft
11-20-10 at kcir video by sonofgto videos broke the u-joint

LS1 S10
9 second, turbo'd LS1 S-10 burnout

LS1 S-10 Running 11s
S-10 breaks into 11s and stock turbo Duramax breaks into 12s.

86 LS1 camaro drive shaft failure
turns out, the shop that installed the transmission (Holt Transmission in Charleston, SC) used zip ties to mount the driveshaft to the rear end. This place is full of crooks. They charged 600 bucks to install the trans, then as it turns out, they didnt put any trans fluid in the trans, they didnt even hook up the fluid lines to the trans cooler. and on top of that, they installed the wrong transmission mount onto the trans and never bolted it to the crossmember. also, they never mounted a shifter linkage bracket so to shift gears you have to climb under the car and move it manually. For 600 bucks, all they did was bolt up the converter and transmission....