1987 we4 buick turbo-t on street tires.

1987 Buick turbo T at the dragstrip. TE44, alky, and supporting mods on stock engine and trans.

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Buick Grand National Pulling a Hole Shot
Lisa in her Ten Second Street Car Pulling a Hole Shot at the Buick Nationals.

Gixxer K7 vs. Buick Grand National (WE4)
If the GN would have hooked up it would have been very close (even though he gave me 10 car lengths)

1986 Buick Grand National - slow roll
22#s / Pump gas / Alky

450 hp Grand National
a 450 whp grand national makes a few pulls on the interstate and races a 2006 mazdaspeed6. make sure to subscribe for videos every week.