V-Max trike build slideshow

Not really a video, its more a slideshow. Since a few people looked at the Video of me riding it round the yard the first time it fired up, I thought it probably wouldn't hurt to put some of the pics from the build together with a few captions...

More Videos...

YAMAHA V-MAX trike all handmade muffler's sound. produced by amuse.
YAMAHA V-MAX trike all handmade muffler's sound. made in osaka japan.

Bicycle to tricycle conversion

Bicycle With Dual Tandem Rear Wheels
www.HigleyMetals.com Phone 763-438-0356 Unique adaptive tricycle.Dual tandem rear axle for all terrain traction.300 Wt Cap. Adaptive for any single speed bicycle with a front break. Available wth 20" or 24" or 26: Tires Ideal for kids with balance problems or special needs.

How the Homemade Motorbike was made
I just put togheter some pictures I took while making this bike, hope you like it. It's got a 148cc 3,5Hp Briggs engine.