Forza 4: Highest Air Crash/Jump/Wheelie Ever

I did a wheelie while a car hit me and it made me go really high :P forza 4 highest crash ever Thanks to xXll ONE llXx for ramming into me forza 4 huge air forza 4 horizon gameplay Tune by: About 24 Trolls

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66k HP Dodge Charger Wheelie Car gets reactions and the 9sec EG is recognized by 'yo dog woe' who's seen the original video featuring it! I was shocked. Can we get 100 Likes? :D. Get my 'Unreleased v1.7' mod discs (Updated version with much more than this), go to my site

Forza Motorsport 4 Crash Compilation 6 Minutes of AI FAILs
6 minutes of Forza's AI fails. Watch them fail to brake and steer around a minor track obstacle and fail to observe motor racing etiquette. These are all of my Forza Motorsport 4 car crash videos in one convenient place. Some crashes I caused, others I wasn't even involved in, all involve AI failing to avoid the carnage. If you enjoy, please feel free to hit that thumbs up button :-)

Forza 4: How To Make A Wheelie Setup
Just hit the brake and gas over and over until it starts to hop. Also don't use any assists and turn clutch off.

Forza 4 Crash Physics/Messing around for no reason
Me and my friend messing around on Forza 4 seeing how spectacular the crashes look and how it affects the cars.