Forza 4: Highest Air Crash/Jump/Wheelie Ever

I did a wheelie while a car hit me and it made me go really high :P forza 4 highest crash ever Thanks to xXll ONE llXx for ramming into me forza 4 huge air forza 4 horizon gameplay Tune by: About 24 Trolls

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66k HP Dodge Charger Wheelie Car gets reactions and the 9sec EG is recognized by 'yo dog woe' who's seen the original video featuring it! I was shocked. Can we get 100 Likes? :D. Get my 'Unreleased v1.7' mod discs (Updated version with much more than this), go to my site

Forza Motorsport 4 Crash Compilation 6 Minutes of AI FAILs
6 minutes of Forza's AI fails. Watch them fail to brake and steer around a minor track obstacle and fail to observe motor racing etiquette. These are all of my Forza Motorsport 4 car crash videos in one convenient place. Some crashes I caused, others I wasn't even involved in, all involve AI failing to avoid the carnage. If you enjoy, please feel free to hit that thumbs up button :-)

(HD) Forza 4 Automatic Spoilers, Air Brakes, and Air Intakes
This is the updated video of all the cars in Forza Motorport 4 with automatic rear wings or spoilers, air brakes, and air intakes / Exhausts. This is the list as shown from the video: Ferrari 2002 Enzo (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) McLaren MP4-12C (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) Bugatti 2009 Veyron (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) SSC 2010 Ultimate Aero (Air Brakes) Mercedes-Benz 2005 SLR (Air Brakes) McLaren 1993 F1 (Air Brakes) Mercedes-Benz 2011 SLS AMG (Automatic Spoiler) Audi 2007 TT Coupe S-Line (Automatic Spoiler) Mercedes-Benz 2009 SL 65 Black Series (Automatic Spoiler) Audi 2010 R8 5.2 (Automatic Spoiler) Lexus 2010 LF-A (Automatic Spoiler) Aston Martin 2010 One-77 (Automatic Spoiler) Volkswagen 1995 Corrado VR6 (Automatic Spoiler) Bentley 2010 Continental SS (hard to see but it has small automatic spoiler under rear glass) Volkswagen 2004 Beetle (Automatic Spoiler) Chevrolet Chevelle SS-454 (Air Intake on hood) Lamborghini 2008 Reventon (Rear Exhausts only) Lamborghini 2005 Murcielago (Rear Exhausts only) Not Shown because I don't have DLC :( Lamborghini Aventador Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Plymouth GTX Lamborghini LP640, LP670, LP700 Thanks to these users who helped me discover new ones: ThePirateMD, NINJASCORE18, xXWaRL0rDXx Please subscribe to keep me doing more videos like this!

Forza 4: Wheelie Montage |Lotus Elise|
wheelie montage with lotus elise 1999 setup by: About 24 Trolls song: avicii levels