Part 3 - LiveCast. Alfa Romeo lineup. Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010 (CHGP)

Check out the Classic Car Icons eBook for iPad here: August 7th - Part 3 -- Alfa Romeo lineup. Follow this years Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix at's YouTube channel. We will during the coming days (August 7th to 8th) publish our raw and unedited video impressions from the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010.

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Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010. 0-1300cc Abarth Saturday
Video from Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010, Saturday. This video is focus on Abarth cars, because I have donated a Perpetual trophy to the winner of the Abarth drivers.

Alfa Romeo 100 Anni - Copenhagen Historic GP
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, 75 3.8 V6 IMSA, 8c2300 Monza, Giulia 1600 GTA Autodelta - Winderful cars among meny others at the 2010 CHGP in the middle of Copenhagen. The Danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club used the venue for their annual Meet. The importer showed all the new cars.

Gaisbergrennen 2012, Historic Gaisberg Race Salzburg 2012 - Pure engine sound ...
Gaisbergrennen 2012 - Historic Cars until 1969 ! Best Off Friday. Pure Engine Sound. Enjoy it .... ! See Chevron B16, Huffacker Genie, McLaren M12 GT Coupe, BMW 507, BMW 328, Stanguellini, BMW 2002ti, Jaguar, Austin, Morgan Threeweehler, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Elva, Alvis, Corvette, Volvo, Triumph, Lotus

ItaliaspeedTV - Alfa Romeo Centenary Celebrations, Argentina
All around the world this year the momentous occasion of Alfa Romeo's centenary has been celebrated, and that has also been the case in Argentina where the brand has a small but loyal and very passionate following, and they have come together in Buenos Aires to commemorate this important milestone. Founded in 1910 in Milan as A.L.F.A., the Alfa Romeo brand, as it became known, has stretched its reach across the world, on the way making millions of fans, and Argentina is one of the Latin American countries where it has a long and - for the region - a relatively strong presence. From Alfa Romeo's birth city of Milan through to Germany, England, Hungary and France, and as far as Australia, the centenary has been celebrated in no less than 45 different countries. In Argentina the occasion couldn't be let to pass by and Alfisti called a meeting in the capital city, dubbed 100 Alfa Romeo por los 100 años de Alfa Romeo (100 Alfa Romeo for 100 Years of Alfa Romeo). The target was to assemble one hundred of the sporty Italian cars, but that number was easily exceeded on the day with the numbers swelled further by some crews making the cross-border journey from Brazil and Uruguay to join in the celebrations. Once the cavalcade of cars had assembled in Florialis Genérica for the 100 Alfa Romeo por los 100 años de Alfa Romeo event the Alfisti set off on a tour of some of the most symbolic spots in the city, passing through the Plaza de la República, Plaza de Mayo, Puente de la Mujer, Facultad de Derecho before arriving at their destination, the Planetario Galileo Galilei. Despite the bad weather of the day the meeting was a huge success and was also endorsed by the municipal government of Buenos Aires and assisted by the federal police. The latest-generation of Alfa Romeo models in the shape of the MiTo, Spider and 159, took part, along with many models drawn mostly from the 1980s through to the present day, including the 33, 145, 146, 147, 155, 156, 164 and 166 as well as representation of all generations of the Alfetta GTV and an immaculate red sedan version. At the end of the tour when they arrived at the Planetario Galileo Galilei all the Alfisti assembled their cars and once they were parked everyone started their engines and revved them up for 100 seconds. All the Argentinean owners' enjoyed the day and were delighted that they were able to play their part in the occasion of the centenary.