merkur xr4ti holset header turbo and downpipe 2.3 ford for Sale

Price: $1,500

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will be adding pictures soon but this sale is for a holset turbo with a internaly ceramic coated center mount stainless headder and a 4" full full length ,full stainless down pipe with flex section egt and turbineoutlet pressure port and o2 bungthe down pipe clears a merkur battery box and firewall the headder has some repair work done because before i had it coated and built this setup it had a couple cracks. i also have an external gate that fit the merkur chassis as well the turbo has had all identifing marks removed and a full polish on the compressor cover it is the he351cw with the titanium compressor and 9 cm housing... it was fast on my car but i never got the tuning correct to really put out power. then i had to remove the motor from the car and have since had the turbo sitting on the shelf looking forlorn please take it to a new home!! the down pipe goes to within 8 inches of the trans output shaft.. could use more clearance near the sway bar but otherwise was a good fit..more details and pics to follow..

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