ZZPerformance 2.5" Stainless 2005-10 Chevrolet Cobalt Catback Exhaust System G5 for Sale

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zzperformance Store 2005 to 2010 Chevy Cobalt
2007-2010 Pontiac G5
For all models EXCEPT 2008-2010 Turbo SS 2.0.
Fits all 2005-10 Chevy Cobalt 2.0SS supercharged , 2.2 and 2.4 naturally aspirated cars. Amd all Pontiac G5's. Both automatics and 5 speeds.
2.5" Polished Stainless Catback Exhaust system.
2.5" Polished Stainless Piping
2.5" Triple Chamber Stainless Resonator with 2.5" flange that bolts to stock downpipe
Triple Chamber Stainless Muffler with 4" Stainless Tip
2.5" gasket w/nuts and bolts
(3) 2.5" Torctite step Clamps
This took years of research and years of trial and error to come up with the ultimate exhaust at a reasonable price. Anyone can take a car and make an exhaust with piping, but does it sound good? Have they had true dyno testing and road use on the system before throwing a junker on the market? Probably not. We personally owned 4 Cobalts just for these reasons with plenty of dynoing, street use, track use, etc. We've owned 2.2, 2.4, 2.0SS supercharged and 2.0 Turbo charged Cobalts. We are the leader in the Cobalt market and have the very best products period.
Here is Youtube video that a customer made so you can here how it ours is so much better than everyone else's catback exhaust is not one simple answer. The most important thing is on a naturally aspirated or supercharged Cobalt will be very loud with a standard can style muffler or straight thru can style resonator. It will be loud as hell and have an annoying droning sound while cruising. We have a lot of experience in this with cars from the past we have made parts for where people get an exhaust system and say it is way too loud where you cannot even drive it at night or your girlfriend or wife won't even drive in the car with you. We solved these problems. Our custom muffler and resonator are a 3 chamber design that nobody has, but us. The resonator alone is a $120 value. The muffler is a $150 value. It basically eliminates droning without killing HP and has a nice wicked sound when you are on the throttle. So it sounds mean when you want it to, but you can also go cruising without the annoying noise all in one package. Then we go with a slip fit system to eliminate exhaust leaks from gaskets going bad and for the ultimate seal and fine adjustments. For over a year now we could not even keep up with keeping these in stock. Our fabrication department could not keep up with the demand, so we never sold them on before until now. After searching on and seen all the garbage exhaust systems on here that people have been complaining to us for years about we decided to put on . Sure you can find some cheaper systems, but let's face it, eventually you will toss that cheap garbage out and end up with ours in the long run. So save yourself the money now and get the good stuff from the get go.
When you buy our products you will never have problems with future upgrades. We specialize in Chevy Cobalts, HHR's, Saturn Redlines, GM 3800 engines, etc. We purchased these cars ourselves just to create the best products for your car. We at ZZPerformance are always here to design the best product available on the market at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. We have our own dyno, fabrication team, etc. When you deal with us you know we'll still be here years from now to support our products. Unlike other sellers we are not here to make something for a quick buck. We want repeat customers and to support our product line for the long haul.
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