ZZP Midlength Header w/ Catted Downpipe 05+ Cobalt SS LS Ion Redline 2.0 2.2 2.4 for Sale

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Now as of 9/19/2014 we have upgraded this kit to a Fully Polished Stainless Downpipe with no price increase! Always improving the product without increasing the price!
ZZPerformance's Midlength Header / Downpipe Combo
Midlength Header Package
This is our mid level performance header package available on the market for your:
2005-2007 Chevy Cobalt Supercharged 2.0L engine
2004-2007 Saturn Redline Supercharged 2.0L engine
2007-2010 Pontiac G5 with manual transmissions
This will also fit the naturally aspirated 2005+ Chevy Cobalt 2.2 and 2.4 engines .
We also carry different style headers for these cars. We have our entry level header that bolts to your stock downpipe and our premium top of the line Long tube header that is all stainless and has a 3" downpipe. You name it we have it.
If your car is automatic transmission please specify as the downpipe is slightly longer. Otherwise the default would be a manual transmission downpipe. Also please let us know if you have a 2.2 as that requires a different o2 extension harness.
Please on checkout specify what kind of car you have. If supercharged the 1.75" primaries are recommended. If 2.2 car we recommend the 1.5" primaries.
If you do not tell us what you have this sale defaults to a 1.75" primaries and a manual transmission car.
Will NOT work for 2008+ 2.0L turbocharged engines


  • Mild steel header
  • 1.75" or 1.5" primaries
  • 3/8" thick header flange
  • 2.5"" Polished Stainless Downpipe with Magnaflow high flow spun metal cat and interlock flex section
  • Tig welded
  • V band flanges with V Band clamp for the ultimate connections from header to downpipe, so you never have to worry about replacing gaskets or having leaks.

  • And includes o2 extension wire harness, 2.5" gasket for downpipe to catback and Grade 9 bolts and nuts.
    Everything is included! You will need nothing else. Stock header to head gasket is metal on the car and is reuseable. Complete kit! This is a direct bolt on kit. Downpipe bolts right up to your factory catback exhaust and will bolt up to any 2.5" aftermarket catback exhaust as long as it has the 2.5" stock flange.
    Pictured shows two downpipes. One with cat and one without. The 1st one in the picture is what yours will look like as this sale is for catted version.

    Comes with header and downpipe, andinstalls in under 2 hours. Allows you to run smaller pulleys safely. Look for gains between 10 and25 horsepower, depending on your mod level.

    This combo is setup to connect to a stock or 2.5" aftermarket catback.This setupmust remain as a combo andis not compatible separately with the OEM manifold and downpipe.

    • 14 inch average primary length
    • Near equal length primaries
    • 3/8inch flanges prevent warping and leakage
    • Vband connection
    • O2 extension included
    • Grade 9 downpipe bolts included

    Downpipe Options:Style 1: Stainless steel, 2.5"full bolt in, No cat/Off-road

    Style 2: Stainless steel, 2.5"full bolt in, with Spun metal cat

    *No cat/Off road option is for off-road use only and requires PCM programming for removing the rear O2 codes.
    Off road downpipesdo notinclude an O2 bung.

    UPS Shipping only, due to being oversized.

    Buy It Now for $425
    If you want the off road no cat version it is $60 less.
    Add $30 for UPS ground shipping within the U.S.'s 48 states
    Canadian buyers add $60 for UPS Standard. Sorry too large to ship by USPS. Canadians buyers we have a special deal for UPS where the brokerage fee is just $10 plus your local taxes.

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