Yamaha TW200 TW 200 Mini Nitrous Kit w/5 NOS Refills for Sale

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Yamaha TW 200 Hole Shot Nitrous Kit

Please read the entire sale so that you can fully understand what you are buying.

I Have Sold Over 1,000 of These Kits!

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Kit includes:

1 - Nitrous Oxide Trigger System w/ Saftey Lockout

1 - High Pressure DOT Approved Air Line w/ Fittings

5 -Large & 5 Small Nylon Zipties

2 -AdhesiveZiptie Mounting Bases

5 - 16 gram Hole Shot Nitrous Refills

1- 8 Gram Nitrous Tank Adapter

and Installation Instructions.

This kit is easy to install yourself if you have a little common mechanical knowledge.

You just mount the trigger system to the handle bars and route the high pressure line away from moving parts straight to the air intake.

After the system is installed you just toss in a Nitrous tank and get out in front of the pack.

This is the ONLY kit with High Pressure DOT Air Line and Fittings.

Others on have tried to copy our kits with little success.No one can come close to our high pressure air line.Ourkits have never had a problem with "freezing up" like the smaller 1/8" kits others have been selling. Be very careful when deciding where to purchase your nitrous kit.Wealways strive to keep our customers happyon every transaction.

Wesell ALL parts individually. If you need replacement partsfor any reason see our Store.

We have 100% positive response and are located within the United States

Please Read

You will want to add extra fuel to the system as the nitrous will create more oxygen and cause the mixture torun onthe lean side. Thiskit couldcause long term enginedamage if not installed or used correctly.

Nitrous will not crack engine blocks or pistons if installed according to the directions.

This kit is Powerful and should not be used by inexperienced riders. Any rider could get hurt using this kit if they are not careful.

Always wear an approved helmet when riding.

Wedo not accept any liability from the use or misuseof this kit.

We can not supervise you when you use this kit so please use your best judgment and wear the proper safety gear.


Nitrous can be used safely if it is not abused.

You must be 18 to purchase nitrous kits or refills. You must be 18 tohave an account. So if you buy this kit from us we assume you are 18 years of age.

Free Dual Line Adapter with the purchase of two kits.

This will allow you to run two kits on the same machine.


You will need to buy extra refills when you use up the 5 free ones. Thesewill always beavailable in my store.

Free shipping on 25 packs of nitrous refills.

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