Xenon HID Conversion Kit FR-S GTI Escape Genesis Civic Jetta CX5 Prius Mini RAV4 for Sale

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Xenon HID Conversion Kit FR-S GTI Escape Genesis Civic Jetta CX5 Prius Mini RAV4


1. What is HID Xenon?

HID lamp (High-Intensity-Discharge) is the top product of the Metal halide lamp .Unlike Halogen lamps, HID lamps don't have a filament but create light by the arc between two electrodes. There are distinctive metals contained in the arc tube: high-pressure Xenon (99.99%), mercur and metal halide. When starting voltage is applied to the electrodes from the ballast or igniter, an arc is formed between them. The arc activates the Xenon, which in turn ignites the metal halide. The result of this action is the emission of light energy. Due to the high pressures of HID lamp operation, these wavelengths are concentrated in the visible light spectrum. We can get the desired color temperature through changing the pressure of HID lamp or the proportion of the metal halide.

2. Outstanding Features:

Super Brightness: The brightness and its luminous flux are increased by 300% as that of the halogen tungsten lamp, so that the lamp can radiate to higher, wider and farther place.

Good color temperature: The color temperature is approximately 4300 K –10000k compared to 3000 K for halogen lamp. The common choose is 5500k,which is close to the sunlight and comfortable to our eyes, also benefit for the safe driving indirectly.

Low power consumption and high efficiency: The power of Xenon metal halide lamp(35Watt,) for vehicle is only around half of tungsten halogen lamp but emitting 3 times of light.

Quick start up: From starting up to reach full light, halogen lamp takes about 15 minutes, while HID lamp takes less than 0.001 second to start up and it can reach 85% of its full light in 1 second. For hot-re-strike, it takes several seconds to stabilization; for pulse-start ,it takes 10-20 seconds.

Extremely long life: In practical terms, the life span of the bulb is equal to that of the car. Service life is at least 3000 hours, greatly above total hours of an automobile during normal night, which means that the bulb need only be replaced in exceptional cases.

3.Why we use HID Lamp?

On the road, HID Xenon lighting systems appear as a bright white beam which resembles natural daylight. The bright white beam offers greater visibility and road safety. High efficiency make the requirement for cooling the lamp lower and can reduce the aging of the lamp chimney. Extremely long life make the HID lamp in proper condition without maintenance. The constant power and brightness in such a huge range of input voltage make HID lamp unparalleled. Quick start-up technique is the best solution for automobile lamp.

4. Easy Installation:

Simply replace your factory bulbs with Our Xenon bulbs, plug the bulb to the ballast, and the ballast wire plugs to the factory OEM harness.

5. Warranty:

We offer five years warranty on all xenon HID products. All warranty claims are process thru our Los Angeles warehouse. Unlike other companies, customer have to ship the defective components to foreign country. Products could be damage or lost during the transits. Please contact us for details.

6. Why Buy From US?

We are the U.S. Registered Seller with almost 100% positive responses. Our company base in Los Angeles, California. All of our products are ship direct from Los Angeles warehouse. To ensure customer receives the best quality product, we have a Quality Control Team to test every single kit of xenon light before ship out from the warehouse. Unlike others, sellers are from foreign country and products are shipping out from foreign country as well. Once you run into problem, you will be having hard time to contact them to solve the problem. From our experience, the farther shipping distance, the higher shipping damage rate regardless of product type. With our professional packaging, we can ensure you receive the product free of damage. Be smart and buy from us...


  • Inner and outside tube are made by Philips
  • Electrode is made in USA
  • Mercury purity is 99.999999%
  • Quartz glass of silicon dioxide for headlight protection
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant
  • Luminous flux: 3,200LM, nearly 3 times than halogen lamps
  • Cold bulb switch current is < 6A, you know the original fuse is 7.5A, if the switch current is too high will be damage the original circuit and most of the other suppliers is over 10A.
  • Cold bulb switch power is <52.5W, it will not damage the tube, and the arc.
  • Hot bulb switch current is <3.5A, no affection to the car's device when you change the lighting from high to low. However most of other ballasts are over 10A.
  • Input voltage: 9-32V & Working temperature: -40~+105
  • Frequency is close to HELLA, and efficiency is also close to HELLA
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant


  • 6 hours continuous working aging test.
  • Connection circuit protection test.
  • Short circuit protection test.
  • Lack of voltage protection test.
  • over voltage protection test.
  • Flash light concussion test.
  • Quakeproof capability test.
  • cold, warm boot test.
  • Polarity protection test.
  • EMC anti-jamming test.

German Technology
ISO 9000 : 2000 Manufacture
E-13, RoHS, & E-MARK Certified

Available Bulb Size: H1, H3, H4, H7, H9, H10, H11, H13, HB1, HB2, HB3, HB4, HB5 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 9140, 9145, 880, 881, 8xx-Series

Available Color Temperature: 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K

PLEASE NOTE: Winning buyer, when making payment, please provide the bulb size, color temperature and your telephone number to us to speed up the delivery.

Click Here To Look Up Bulb Size For Your Vehicle

Optional Accessories

Other Type of Xenon HID Kits

Package Include:

  • 2 x HID Bulbs
  • 2 x Digital Ballasts (with built-in starter/igniter for better performance)
  • 2 x secure Mounting Brackets
  • Zip ties
  • All necessary wires and install accessories
  • Installation Manual
  • Warranty Card

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  • Please note that for radio controlled products, once the engine able to start and run, anything after that is not consider manufacture defected. All engine have been tested in the factory. Customer will be responsible for tuning the engine to correct air fuel mixture ratio due to different weather, atmosphere, or elevation.

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