XS Power Deep Cycle 12 Volt 12V AGM Power Cell Battery D1200 Brand New 2600 amps for Sale

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This listing is for a Brand New XS Power D1200 Deep Cycle 12-Volt Battery from an XS Power Factory Authorized Dealer.

Give your vehicle the necessary juice to perform at its best. XS Power deep cycle batteries can act as replacements for your car's standard battery, or you can use them as auxiliaries to power your high-performance sound system and hydraulics reliably. If you've got a boat or an RV, XS Power's got a solution for your electric needs, too.

AGM technology
XS Power deep cycle batteries feature a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design that incorporates special glass fiber mats that contain the acid electrolyte between the lead plates, rather than a standard flooded (liquid) design. This leak-proof, non-hazardous configuration typically lasts longer than normal replacement batteries if properly charged. These batteries actually store energy, so you don't have to add a capacitor to your system to get a quick burst when you need it.

Compact size, leak-proof design
Their compact size lets you get creative with your installation. Since there are no external vents on an XS Power battery, you can mount it in a passenger compartment, below a seat, or inside a glove box without fear of leaks. No leaks mean no corrosion or damage to chrome or paint. XS Power guarantees their batteries will not leak, even if damaged. These batteries also resist extreme vibrations so they'll perform in the trunk or hatch area without skipping a beat.

Don't let the small size fool you — the cranking power of an XS Power battery can be two to three times the power of a flooded battery of equal size.

XS Power D1200
XS Power's compact D1200 deep cycle 12-volt battery provides up to 2600 maximum amps and has a capacity of 44 amp-hours. You'll need a protective case if you're installing this battery in your engine deep cycle car battery

  • sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design
  • 725 cranking amps
  • maximum output: 2,600 amps
  • discharge capacity: 44 amp-hours
  • 7.8"W x 6.69"H x 6.54"D (measure for fit)
  • weight: 33.26 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years
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