XK8 Jaguar Boot / Boot Top Cover for convertible NEW for Sale

Price: $269

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Jaguar XK8 and XKR,“Top Boot”, or “Top Storage Cover”

(Cover for the convertible top whentop is in the down position.)

Weoffer The BEST Boot Built.

It may cost a little more, that's because itcosts a lot more to buildand has the best fit.


All colors available, Pick your color

The cover shown,is NEW, unused, the color is for Jaguar "Cashmere".

TheCover is made to the same fit as the Original FactoryCover and uses the original factory snaps, With the finger ring, we are the only aftermarket boot with the original fastener with the finger ring. Our fastener is chrome plated brass, with the all important finger ring, that wont break your finger nails.

This is your opportunity to save several hundred dollars, and the best part is that we guarantee our product.

Our embroidery uses the best quality Polyester thread, ( the best for sunlight exposure). We have 306 colors of thread to choose from. We will either match your paint, or pick a thread color to show off the best with your seat color and paint color. just send us the three letter "Paint Code" along with the three letter "Trim Code", (seat color), and the year of your XK8, or XKR.

Our covers are made of the finest materials and are built to compliment your beautiful car, the way the originals do. We have been in business over10 years and the Boot and Bag arethe onlyitem that we build.

You arebuyingthe color of your choice . If you need help determining your color please e-mail us the "trim code" a three letter code found on a sticker on the driver's side door jam, thru ,or call us at (619) 232-4040.

We have all of theJaguar colors available. The photos areofJaguar Cashmere, Ivory, and Oatmeal. We use a qualityImported material, forall colors. Please call or email for more information.

*Please note: Weare NOW building covers for the early model 1997 XK8 .If yours is a '97, please send the VIN number.

Also available a “Boot Bag”, a Heavy duty black nylon bag , for the storage of the Cover and to keep it clean, when it is not being used. Our price for this Boot Bag is $45.00. Our bag is made of Nylon, not vinal, and is stiff and strong.

**Processing, Delivery and Insurancefor the total amount $19.90 within U.S. 48. Send location and zip for other rates.**

** We ship all over the world.

Payment to be by Personal orBank Check, or Cashiers Check.

Reciept of payment must be within 7 days, or will be notified.

Please contactthru ,or call us at


with any questions and about all of the other colors available, and the embroidery.Thank You.

Be careful, there are other aftermarket boots available that sell for less but are not as good a fit. Weare proud to saythat we feel thatour boot is even better builtthan the Original equipment boot and we guarantee our product.(We sell to Jaguar Dealer used car departments all over the country), and now with the dollar so weak we are receiving orders from all over the world.

Beware of Junk Yard boots, they may be flood damagedor poorly built aftermarket boots, for sure they are used.Ours are NEW, andthe fit is perfect.We proudlyinvite you tocheck our 100% positive response.

Very important: Our boots use a compound curved stiffener, built into the leading edge of each wing, just like the original equipment, if this stiffener is left out, or just a flat piece of plastic, (like some of the cheaper builtones have), the fit will be poor and the bootmay flap in the wind.Our boots do not have an ugly crease down themiddle, nor do they have wrinkles caused by the cheap foamand glue used by others.Our stiffener rods are of stainless steel, to prevent rust marks. We use only the best products that's why our boots look good and don't break down. We can't even build our bootfor what some of thecompetition sells theirs for. look at the back side, is it the black headliner material, like Jaguar uses, or is it a cheap beige colored material that shows glue stretch marks? You can be assured that our boot is the best built, and will look the best on your car for years to come.Don't save a few bucks and be sorry.

Thanks, Chuck.

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