VW Rabbit Cabriolet Battery Hold Down Clamp Bracket Scirocco Pickup Jetta Caddy for Sale

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We arehappy to introduce another in a growing line of our very own high quality, Liftetime Warranty reproduction parts here at Mk1 Autohaus made right herein the USA by Mk1 enthusiast for the Mk1 enthusiast.:Battery Hold Down Clamp With Hardware

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This part has been obsolete from the dealer for many years. If you try to order 171 803 219 from the dealer today, price is 33.90 and its been superseded to part # 6X0 959 502 which is not the correct original part. The 6X0 version is much larger and has mounting tabs for late model accessories which are not necessary.

Listing Includes: MADE IN USA

1 Yellow Zinc Plated Battery Hold Down Clamp 171 803 219

1 Yellow Zinc Plated Mounting Bolt With Locking Washer M8 x1.25 20mm

Fits: (North American & European Market Vehicles Listed Below)Rabbit 1975-1984Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3 Golf 1974-1998Scirocco I & II 1974-1992Rabbit Convertible 1979-1984Cabriolet 1985-1993Mk1 & Mk3 Golf Cabrio / Cabriolet 1979-1998Rabbit Pickup 1979-1984Mk1 Caddy 1983-1992Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3 Jetta 1979-1998Vento 1995-1998Corrado 1989-1995Passat / Santanna 1988-1997Type 2 Vanagon

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