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1.9 ALH VW TDI Golf Jetta Beetle Diesel Deluxe Timing Belt Kit OEM+ Parts for Sale

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1.9 ALH VW TDI Golf Jetta Beetle Diesel Deluxe Timing Belt Kit OEM+ Parts

Price: $284

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<div style="text-decoration:none" height="27px" valign="middle" face="arial" ***Look in the middle on our items sold - you can see how many we've sold since December 2010. That speaks for itself on how good a kit this is. And that's just the sales which don't include our site or the shops around the country that buy from us! Please look at information regarding the different belt options under the product parts list below...
This ALH Deluxe Timing belt kit is our most popular kit on ! It comes complete with more than many deluxe kits currently on the market, including a new serpentine belt and the essential torque to yield bolts needed for the change! Originally 1999.5 TDI cars came with either a 40,000 mile belt change interval (automatic transmission) or a 60,000 mile interval (manual transmission). In 2002 VW updated the timing belt part number from 038109119D to 038109119M, which allowed for 60,000 mile change intervals in automatic transmissions, and 80,000 mile change intervals in manual transmissions. In 2003 the large roller was changed from 038109244J to 038109244M (or H in some brands) which allowed for 100,000 mile change intervals REGARDLESS of transmission. All of these kits are backwards compatible with the older cars, from the 1998 New Beetle to the 2003 Golf/Jetta/NB. I have sold hundreds of these kits to all years of ALH TDI's--if you have an older ALH engine code TDI why put a shorter life belt in? Upgrade now to the 100k kit and don't worry about another change for a lot longer!
Links to Available options:Standard Timing Belt KitÜber Timing Belt Kit1.5L G12++ Coolant (Blackwards Compatible with all pink/red G12 based coolants
We are a very well respected vendor on tdiclub.com - please see some of our all of the following:
1998-2003 New Beetle TDI
1999.5-2003 Golf/Jetta TDIThe ALH Deluxe TB kit comes with the following:-OEM Gates (made in the UK)/INA or Continental Timing Belt, all OEM --- 038109119M
-OEM Continental Serpentine belt(Most kits on do not include a serp belt, these crack and fail with age, which can leave you stranded on the side of the road as this drives your alternator. Don't skimp and get a kit without one!)--- 6PK1660
-OEM Litens (INA) Tensioner --- 038109243N
-OEM Elring/Reinz Camseal --- 038103085C
-OEM INA/GMB Large roller --- 038109244M
-OEM INA/GMB Small top roller --- 058109244
-OEM INA/GMB Small roller bottom --- 038109244E
-Geba/Hepu made in Germany Metal Waterpump --- 038121011A
-OEM Vacuum pump seal --- 038145345---Additionally the kit includes an OEM Deluxe bolt kit; these are the expensive bolts sourced from the dealership - many kits don't include them!---
Torque values are listed on the kit when they arrive to you.1x Large roller bolt --- N90596902 (TTY), or N10665301 (not TTY) - often found in the box with the TB kit
2x Engine bracket bolt --- N10209605 (TTY)
2x Engine Mount to Body --- N10665301 (not TTY)
3x Injection pump bolts --- N90328504
1x Vacuum Pump Seal --- 038145345You may contact us via email here or at Cascade German Parts for more information 503-669-2277

---We recommend FedEx ground for shipping as you get tracking and insurance; often sending to your work is great so someone can sign for it (include a phone #). We also have US Postal service as a shipping option -we'll use whatever will get to you most efficiently,if you have a special request put it in the PayPal notes!---Question and answer:

Q: What brand are the parts of your kit?A: There are different OEM items, but more often than not it's the following:
-Timing Belt --- OEM Ruville/Gates
-Serpentine Belt --- OEM Continental
-Tensioner, small top & bottom roller and large roller are all in a Ruville box, they are all OEM
-Camseal is OEM Elring, Victor Reinz or equiv. Upgraded seal with time saving tool available on our site only (I wish allowed for options or we could offer them here too)
-Water pump is metal Geba or Hepu. Graf resin and Geba now our preferred brands. They flow wonderfully, have a great looking castings, are strong and have never come back on a warranty claim.The Brass water pumps we used to offer but they have come back a lot for warranty claims, hence we don't recommend the brass impeller pumps anymore..We own TDIs and specialize in them, we have sold thousands of kits over the years, we will not send out any kits that are lacking in what is needed to keep your car going another 100,000 miles!Thanks for offerding!
International Shipping:Please contact us for a quote, include your full shipping address with phone number and best method to contact you back (phone or email). The displayed rates are a guide; individual rates to your country could be slightly more or less. With expedited options we send FedEx or US postal service Express. Generally it takes less than a week to reach you. US Postal service priority costs a little less and is the economy international shipping, but expect 3+ weeks in transit. USPS also does not have dedicated tracking or insurance. For this reason we recommend expedited!Note that we do NOT ship coolant internationally!IMPORTANT NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS:We MUST have your phone number for customs purposes before we can ship your package. Also, PayPal requires we ONLY ship to confirmed PayPal addresses.If you give us an unconfirmed address your order will be canceled.To keep this from happening make sure your shipping address is identical to the billing address for your credit card or bank account as listed on PayPal.
Please message us here, include the best way to get back to you (phone number or email address), OR call us Monday-Friday 8-4 Pacific time at 503 669 CARS (2277) for more information.

Sellers: Get your own map today. Click here now. Simple."

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