VOTION Type 1 Water to Air Intercooler Kit - Basic for Sale

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Template By Froo! TYPE 1 Water to Air Intercooler Kit - Advanced Votion TYPE 1 Water to Air Intercooler Kit - Basic

This kit includes everything shown in the picture. This is our Advanced kit, which includes a Icebox Reservoir and a remote radiator filler cap.
(1) Water to Air Radiator/Heat Exchanger
(1) Water to Air Intercooler
(1) Bosch Cobra Water Pump
(1) 10" Slim Fan
IMPORTANT: All of our kits are fully customizable! Just email us or call us and let us know what you want to swap out, and we will get a custom invoice and quote sent directly to you.

Specifications on the individual products:

The Radiator (heat exchanger): 24X12X1
  • Only 1" thick, this truly is a slim radiator.
  • With eight mounting points, you have the mounting flexibility to have the water inlet and outlet on either side.
  • All aluminum construction provides optimum cooling efficiency with water or antifreeze/coolant.
  • Water inlet and outlet are 1/2" NPT female threads, just like most water-to-air intercoolers.
  • These radiators ship with a radiator cap on top and a drain plug on the bottom.
  • These radiators feature a 1/8-27 NPT tap that would allow you to install a temperature sending unit. They ship with a plug installed in case you do not wish to use this feature.
  • These can be used for up to 1200 HP.

The intercooler (12.25"X12.25"X4.5" Bend Inlet/Outlet)

  • 100% Lightweight aluminum - No epoxy used in core
  • Recommended for up to 700 CFM / 600 HP
  • Pressure Drop: Less than 0.1 PSI.
  • Air Inlet/Outlet: 3.0"
  • Water Inlet/Outlet: 1/2" NPT
  • Maximum water/air pressure: 70 PSI
  • This intercooler has the inlet and outlet on the OPPOSITE SIDES.
  • Core size: 10.5" X 6" X 4.5"
The Slim Fan:
  • The unique fan blade design allows you to pull or push air with the same velocity. The motor is easily reversible for any application. Most other fans are designed for one-way air flow.
  • Many aftermarket fans don't include all the mounting hardware needed. Our fan kits include the mounting feet AND the through-radiator mounting ties (that sell for $5-$7 at most auto parts stores).
  • Our 10" fans have TEN points for the mounting feet giving you flexible installation options.
  • These truly are slim fans. They measure only 2.5" at the deepest point, making them ideal for cramped areas.
  • Additional Specs: 12-15V, 4 Amps, 1250 CFM
  • Width: 11.5"
  • Height: 10.75"
The Bosch Cobra water pump:

This is a new Bosch water-to-air intercooler pump specifically designed for circulating water in water-to-air intercoolers.

Most sellers of this pump don't include the $20 harness. We sell them WITH the wiring harness that gives you positive and negative wires to connect the pump electrically.

This Bosch pump is part number 0 392 022 002 and is commonly used in supercharged Mustangs and Mercedes.

This is a new OEM pump, but it ships with no documentation. If you need more information about this pump, please check the Bosch web site.

What are the advantages of using a Votion water to air intercooler?Well, water to air intercoolers have the same basic setup as the typical front mount air/air intercooler. With front mount intercoolers, the only major way of cooling your charged air is more air. This can give you decent power gains when it's cold out, but what about on those hot and sunny days? Instead of air, water to air intercoolers have water passing through the core, which draws out heat from the air passing through your piping.
With that being said, here are some of your major advantages of using our water to air intercoolers!
  • Incredibly low pressure drop. Standard pressure drop of our water to air intercooler cores is .05PSI!
  • Much better engine cooling! Ever go to the track or even daiy drive your car and have overheating issues? Having air pass through your intercooler, THEN to your radiator will cause hot air to pass through, which will not help cool your engine. With our intercoolers, you can install these anywhere you would like in your engine bay. It does not need any front mounted air flow!
  • Better throttle response. Don't you get tired of having a piping mess with your front mount? Since these can be mounted in your bay, you will more than likely have less piping to worry about. This means shorter intake route = better throttle response.
  • No more heat soak. With water to air intercoolers, water is constantly passing through your intercooler, even when the vehicle isn't moving. Great advantage for drag racers, and even those of you who drive your car out on the streets.
  • Mid engine? No problem! Like we said before, these coolers can be mounted anywhere and provide even better cooling.

Additional information:

Some Water to Air Intercoolers that you can buy online do not contain true water to air cores. We see a boat load all around ! A true water to air core has water passages that are much smaller than the air passages. This is part of what allows the water to air intercooler to be so small and have such low pressure drop. Some water to air intercoolers that you buy online use an air to air core design where the air passages for ambient air and intake air are the same size, with an enormous loss of efficiency.

Buy from us to make sure that you get a genuine water to air intercooler core!

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