Ultimate HD 5 Layer Car cover Mercury Cougar 1967 1968 1969 1970 for Sale

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cscsportsinc Store New Document There are so many car covers on and it gives you a hard time to select the right one for you. Our 100% waterproof Ultimate HD car cover will make it easy which one to choose for the best protection of your vehicle. We back this Top end quality product with an INCREDIBLE LIFETIME WARRANTY because we know that it will exceed your expectations of quality and performance. It features 5 combined layers of superior protection for your car. Ask seller or read item description carefully if you are getting correct cover for your car
1.How many layers is the fabric made of ?
2.If the cover is waterproof or weatherproof, are the seams ULTRASONICALLY welded?
3.Is the inner layer soft enough to protect brand new paint job?
4.What accessories are included? such as Straps /w buckles, Grommet holes, Antenna patch, bag, or Tightener?
5.By whom the cover is being shipped from? A person in his own garage or professional staffs in wholesale distributor?
-Magnified View of Inside fabric- -Magnified View of Outside fabric-

  • BREATABLILITY : Breathable microfiber mid-layer to allow heat, moisture, damp and condensation to escape. 100% breathable 24/7

  • BEST ALL WEATHER PROTECTION : The top 3 layers are bonded together and the resulting fabric has a sturdy padded feel. Provides protection agains all weather conditions.

  • ACID RAIN : Will hold out the contaminants suspended in acid rain.

  • DIRT & DUST : The encapsulation processed microscopic pores provide the best protection against dust & dirt.

  • HEAT INSULATION : 99% solar efficiency and thick enough to offers any insulating properties to reduce the vehicle temperature on hot
  • 100% UV PROTECTION : Completely blocks UV rays from the vehicles surface and interior. Chemical-free treatment. Protects your paint finish-destroying agents, as well as bumps, scratches and dings.

  • MILDEW / ROT RESISTANT : The fabric is treated with inhibitors to minimize mold and mildew.

  • SOFT TOUCH : Soft non scratch inner layer is made of soft fibers to prevent scratches.

  • DING PROTECTION : Due to the thickness of the fabric, our cover will protect from some ding or unexpected 3rd party damge while
  • NATURAL/HUMAN POLLUTANTS : Fully protects from any types of elements such as bird droppings, tree sap, toxic, industrial and etc.

  • REINFORCED GROMMETS : The vehicle and cover can be secured using a rope or a cable lock. Expect the best result while using with securing straps.

  • ELASTICIZED HEMS : Secure and tight fit. Protects from a flap.

  • FREE STORAGE BAG : Each cover comes with a roomy stogage bag, reduce time to put it back. Made of same 5 layer fabric.

  • EASY INSTALLATION : Easy manual free installation. However our cover is at least 50% heavier than the competitors car cover because our fabric’s dense construction.

  • Layer 1 - A Heavy Duty Outer Layer

  • Layer 2 - Padded Layer

  • Layer 3 - Protective supporting layer (Layer 1 2 3 is robustly bonded with a high level of adhesion)

  • Layer 4 - Special Waterproof Membrane one way Breathable

  • Layer 5 - Soft Non Scratch layer, allows moisture & damp/Extra softness : Fleece linning

  • Our 5 layer ultimate HD covers are being sold as 6, 7 or 12 layer cover by other sellers
    • Free Storage bag

    • $$20 Value

    • Extra room for easy storage
  • Reinforced Grommet

  • Free rope is supplied

  • Can be used with cable lock(optional $9.99)Click here
  • Elasticized hems for snug fit

  • Scratchproof
    • ULTRASONIC WELDED SEAMS : Welded seams are used wherever possible and double stitched hems ensure long life and total outdoor protection. No stitching. Ultrasonic seam will prevent any possible water penetration thru seams.

    • FREE ANTENNA KIT : Allows to have a custom cut for unretractable and inflexible antenna.

    • DOUBLE SECURITY PROTECTION : Built-in underbody straps with buckle. Best theft deterrence while using reinforced grommets /w cable lock.

  • Triple Ultrasonic seams will completely prevent water leaking thru stitching
  • One line of Ultrasonic welding provides same level of durability as a double stitch line
  • No leaks, No needle holes
  • Sticky back
  • 1 x Free Antenna patch
  • Made of same fabric
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in 2 Sets of straps and buckles
  • Must be used with a rope or cable lock synergically for the best result out of theft and sever wind
  • This is a free feature, you can easily remove it by yourself.
  • Best Best Best Better Good Poor-Good Best Better Good Good Best Fair-Better Best Better Good Good Better Poor-Good Best Better Better Good Best Poor-Good Best Best Best Better Poor Poor-Fair Best Better Fair Better Good Fair-Good Best Best Best Good Fair Poor-Good Best Better Fair Good Better Fair/Good Best Best Good Better Good Fair/Good Lifetime 5 Years+ 5 Years+ 3 Years+ 5 Years+ 2 - 6 Months Lifetime 5 Years+ 5 Years+ 3 Years+ 5 Years> 90 days Q. What is Ultrasonic welding? and How does it cover compare to a Microsonic welded? A high end technology that connects two pieces of fabric without stitching or needle holes. It's a very important feature to protect against acid rain, dust, tree saps, bird droppings and any sources of natural or industrial pollutants. A single line of ultrasonic welded seam provides same durability of Microsonic seam(also called taped welded seam). Our cover comes with a triple Ultrasonic seams. Microsonic seams are weaker in structure/tear apart much easier over time because it just uses plastic tape on the seams unlike Ultrasonic welding that secures and seals the seams completely shut for a much stronger product. Q. What is the underbody strap? and Will an underbody strap scratch my paint? It's a built-in strap that is attached on each side of car cover. You can run a longer straps to the other under the body of your car and Connect them together using a given set of buckles. It will provide 2x reliable security and help to withstand against severe wind and storm when you use it with a cable lock. Our straps systems are NOT going to scratch the car paint. If you are not comfortible with it, you can simply detach from the cover. The detached area will be clean smoothe. Q. I have a garage, so why do I need your 5 layer car cover? Unless you’ve got an air filtration system salvaged from an operating room, your garage is full of dust and microscopic abrasives. If your car isn’t protected, those abrasives stick to your paint and then get dragged off by the air. Q. Is your car cover recommended for both indoor and outdoor use? Yes, our car cover is just the right weight to be used both indoors and outdoors. The proper weight makes it easy to handle in both situations and the heavy duty layers allow it to properly protect in an indoor or outdoor setting. Q. How do I install your car cover? Please follow step 1 - 3.
    • Remove cover from bag.
    • Secure the cover at front bumpers.(It says there is a tag front inside of the car cover says"Front".
    • Pull cover overtop of car and secure under rear bumpers.
    Q. What is an antenna patch? Does my cover come with it? An antenna patch is included with most covers for antennas that are not retractable or flexible. But you have to make a hole on the cover to use it so we recommend you to uninstall the antenna before you install your car cover. Q. Does your car cover have grommet holes? Yes,our cover is equipped with grommet holes on both sides of the cover. You can use these holes to tie or lock down your cover.(cable lock not included) Q. What is the weight of your cover? Our car covers weigh anywhere from 8 lbs. to 17 lbs. depending on the vehicle model and at least 50% heavier than other sellers' car cover on because of its dense construction. Q. Will this cover fit my vehicle listed in the sale title? This sale is for the best quality semi-custom cover and is not a fully custom cover. Fully custom covers cost $300+. Any car cover on priced under $300 is a semi-custom car cover as well. You can confirm this by e-mailing the seller and asking them if their cover is a fully custom cover. We always welcome customers e-mailing us for individual vehicle measurements, so that they can measure their vehicles to ensure exact fitment prior to purchasing. We have sold thousands of car covers to customers with your same vehicle over the past 20 years to customers, and our customers are very pleased with the fit and superior performance of our car covers. You will get what you pay for from other sellers but we always strive to supply "better thgan what you pay for". Q. Is your car cover 100% breathable? Yes, our covers are 100% breathable, so the cover will automatically dry itself if it ever becomes wet while it is on the vehicle. Q. I cant find the cover that I want, how do I find what I want? You can contact us via . you can easily find the link at bottom of the page Q. Can I pick up in person? Sure, unlike other sellers we have a warehouse in Southern California. Please contact us for time and location.
  • We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We guarantee the highest quality standards. Our team has more than 20 years of auto cover experience so you can shop with confidence.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can returned your cover(s) within 60 days of receiving them in original, new condition for a refund. We can’t accept back used covers. Please contact us to explain what went wrong and to receive a Return Authorization. Any returns without Return Authorization will be accepted.

  • Our main concern is providing great quality covers. We have a wide variety of makes and models available. If you need to protect your auto, SUV, minivan, etc. give us try.

  • We have instant email support during business hours(10-5 PST M-T 10-2PM Friday), If you dont get a response during weekend, you will get it on next business day. Please contact us with any questions or concerns by sending us an message through “my messages” or “ask a question”.

  • If for any reason you are not satisified with our products, then please contact us first prior to leaving negative or neutral response. to give us an opportunity to fix any problems.

  • Leaving bad response will not fix the problem. We value your opinion greatly, and will make every effort to earn your loyalty. Please email us before leaving any 1 or 2 ratings, negative response or open any or paypal dispute.

  • We strive for 5 star response in all 4 DSR categories.

  • In the rare event that you have a problem with your item please contact us via message system and we'll be happy to help you.

  • No hassles. The item(s) must be in new condition including original packaging. Orders returned in a new, ready-to-sell condition will receive a full and prompt refund, excluding shipping costs.

  • Damages inflicted during installation, spilled liquids on the fabric, broken straps buckles or grommet parts are not covered. And we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the seam failure and workmanship, normal fabric wear and tear wont be covered by the limited lifetime warranty(prorated warranty will be applied). We pride ourselves on our customer service.

    • We ship all ground packages via UPS Ground within the 48 states. UPS ground does not accept PO box addresses, so please do not provide a PO box address as a ship to address. All domestic USA items will include FREE tracking and shipping insurance.

    • We take great care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you. Once your order has been processed and we have received cleared payment, your item will be dispatched within 1-24 hours.

    • Free shipping insurance.

    • Continental 48 states : Free shipping

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    • When making your payment with Paypal, We prefer all your Auto Information in the Note section of Paypal.

    • Information to be preferred:
      1. Year/Model/Make
      2. Physical address(not PO Box)
      3. Telephone Number for International Customers
    • All payments are due within 5 business days from the end of sale.

    • Unpaid item notification will be sent after 7 days.

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