Toyota MR2 Spyder Front Emblem Nose Badge Black JDM for Sale

Price: $47

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Toyota JDM Front Nose Badge/Emblem New item, painted black, ready to attach to front bumper cover after removing front cowboy Direct replacement-- with two pins on back that matches current front emblem.It is easy to remove the existing front nose emblem. It is attached with adhesive and has two prongs on the underside that fit into holes on the bumper. Using dental floss or monofilament(fishing line), work this under the existing emblem.With a back and forth sawing motion cut thru the adhesive, working around the two prongs, loosening the emblem. Once removed, use a goo-gone type cleaner for anyremainingadhesive. A small amount of auto polish orwax will also help. You can also "roll" off some of the adhesive with your finger. Be careful not to harm or mar the paint surface while doing this. The new emblem will have the same type of adhesive and prongs to assist in properly aligning.

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