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Tonneau Motor Saab 900 Convertible Top 1995 1996 1997 1998 NG900 for Sale

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Tonneau Motor Saab 900 Convertible Top 1995 1996 1997 1998 NG900

Price: $138

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Tonneau Motor -Saab 900,#4482436List Price: $1,000+
Compared to the last one I sold a few weeks ago, this motor looks much newer and fits much tighter. I don't think you'll find a better one at this price that includes the link arm, position sensor and potentiometer.I was able to get the top to work. This motor was smooth and effortless.
Fit:900 - 1995-1998
Motor guaranteed not dead on arrival.

Other Parts Are Available:I have many parts available from this car and a few left over from other cars. If you don't see something you need or want just let me know, I just might have it.I generally give good deals on multiple items bought and ship at the same time and certainly reduce the cost of shipping accordingly.

Some other parts available:

ICE Integrated Computer Electronics Module

Emission Hose

Purge Valve

Outside Air Temp Sensor

Serpentine Belt Micro-V NBH 25061037 Napa/Gates brand new, #6K1037 6PK2625

oil filter housing with the oil thermostat

Throttle Position Sensor Switch (4-cyl)

Air Box Lower half (4-cyl)

Air Box Upper half (Non-Turbo)

Neutral Safety Switch

Sunroof Motor

ABS Sensors (Front)

Fuses & Relays

Headlight Assembly (Passenger)

Headlight Assembly (Driver)

Cornering Lamp (Driver)

Cornering Lamp (Passenger)

Tail Light & bulb socket (convertible) (Driver)

Tail Light & bulb socketconvertible) (Passenger)

Tail lamp & bulb socket(Passenger) (Inner - on hatch)

3rd Brake Light (all models)

Hatch Wiper Motor

Windshield Wiper Motor

Power Antenna

wiper fluid - reservoir pump

Filler Panel Below taillight (Rear Driver)

Filler Panel Below taillight (Rear Passenger)

Hatch Decor Panel

Decor Strip Clips & springs (2 each)

Driver Side Mirror

Passenger Side Mirror

Gas Cap, Non-locking

Hatch Wiper Arm (3 & 5 door)

Wiper Arm (3, 5 door &convertible) (Front Driver)

Wiper Arm (all models) (Front Passenger)

Outer CV/Axle Nut

Intermediate pipe with resonator - Napa

Rotors - With about 8,000 miles on them.

Saab OEM Roof Racks

License plate holder - rear

Snow/mud flap, middle

Radiator Reservoir cap

convertible top motor

Door Handle Black (Front Driver)

Door Handle Black, (Front Passenger)

Sill Plate (convertible) (Driver)

Hatch Shocks (Cars with rear wiper)

Hood Shocks

Rear View Mirror (3 & 5 door)

Steering Column Covers

Instruments & gauges/Instrument cluster (w/o Turbo)

Cruise Control Switch

Fog Light Switch Bottom

Fog Light Switch Top

Hazard Switch

Headlight Switch

Heated Seat Switch (Passenger)

Heated Seat Switch (Driver)

Trunk Switch (drivers door)

Turn Signal & Cruise Control Switch

Wiper Stalk Switch (front and rear)

Ignition Switch (Manual trans w/housing no key cylinder)

CD Changer Magazine (Convertible)

'Fasten Seat Belts Light'

Sun visors

Center console parts - Excellent condition

Brake Pedal Switch

Front Speaker grilles

Visor holder - tan

Air vent - dash, passenger side

antenna cable

From other models:

V6 Starter-about 45,000 miles


About the Cars:

These parts came from two cars. The predominant parts left came from a recent part out of a 1995 Saab 900 SE Turbo Convertible. The convertible was a non-running car with 200,000 miles that I bought for some parts that I needed.It had been well taken care of until the turbo gave up the ghost. Perhaps owing to the fact that it was a convertible, the car was relatively well maintained. Many of the parts were newer or showed signs of maintenance. The engine looked really clean when I took off both the valve cover and the oil pan. The chain guides looked fresh to me, but engines are not my forte. I did get records that showed oil changes done on schedule.

The other car was a 1994 Saab 900 S Coupe. It had 140,000 miles on it and the rear shock mounts on the body were rotted out. I drove the car about 15 miles on the highway and the only complaints where the shocks and the engine overheating. Otherwise, the interior of the car was in better than average condition, the engine sounded fine and pulled strong, and overall was pretty nice, given the issues.

The car that gave its life for these parts had close to 200,000 miles on it. It had been well taken care of until the turbo gave up the ghost. Perhaps owing to the fact that it was a convertible, the car was relatively well maintained. Many of the parts were newer or showed signs of maintenance. The engine looked really clean when I took off both the valve cover and the oil pan. The chain guides looked fresh, but engines are not my forte.

I don't do this for a business, but I have personally owned and driven three Saab 900s of this vintage and parted out four others. My current car isa 1998 900 SE that, with the help of a Saab mechanic, swapped engines and converted it to a manual. I'm pretty knowledgable about the cars quirks so feel free to ask me any questions. I can give you advice from experience and/or point you in the right direction.

<hr>Return Policy:

I do my best to research the parts and their compatibility with other models/years.<br /> If I make a mistake in the listing or shipping I will refund the price and pay shipping both ways for just refund your money depending upon the cost to me. <br />If you make a mistake and want to return it—you pay shipping both ways plus 25% of the part's cost, or $5 (whichever is greater), to cover my fees and time. And I'll probably still give you a good rating for being a good sport.

About Me:I offer Saab parts and other items from time to time depending upon job situation, my car, and if I need to get rid of something that I think someone might want.My goal is to get parts for myself and hopefully come out ahead once all is said and done between the labor of dismantling and the time to post ads.
I generally try to estimate and ship at cost.
PayPal and fees are about 10-25%
So I ain't getting rich doing this.
If you have any problems just let me know. I pack really well and value my rating.
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