Taurus 3.0L 2000-2007 Exhaust Flange Flex pipe repair kit gasket included for Sale

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Ford Taurus 2000-07 3.0L (8th digit of VIN 'U')

Ford Taurus 2000-05 3.0L (8th digit of VIN 'S')

Mercury Sable 2000-07 3.0L (8th digit of VIN 'U')

Mercury Sable 2000-05 3.0L (8th digit of VIN 'S')

Includes FREE gasket

5 Year / 50,000 mile warranty.... compare with competitors!

We are confident in our quality, offering the best products on the market. Our products are designed to WORK.

Tightly woven interlock braid pattern for reinforced strength

Featured extra strength outer braid AND inner pipe

Inside Pipe Diameter1.75" (1 3/4") 46mm
Flex Length (flex portion and crimped ends)
4" 102mm
Flange Material
mild steel
Flange thickness
2/5" 9mmOverall length (including extensions)
5.75" (5 3/4") 143mm
flex material
T304 Stainless Steel
Overall width/ depth of flange
5 1/5" 133 mm x 3 1/2" 87mm

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About this Taurus/Sable flex pipe repair kit with flange:These Taurus and Sables are notorious for flex pipe failure. This is an ongoing problem that we feel this part far exceeds the inadequate manufacturer's design.The design of this assembly is quite ingenious. It features an inner pipe, which is securely welded only at the front so as to provide the given flexibility, and prevent any whistling from occurring. A carefully stepped design allows for maximum flow, and yet a larger stronger flex pipe is used. We feel that this design is superior to the dealer part, or an inserted flex pipe.

Special Notice about Direct Fit Flex Pipe Replacements

While this product is intended to be a direct bolt on replacement, there may still need to be alterations on some applications. The front flange is designed to fit perfectly, but the rear part, which is designed to slide over the stock pipe may require alternations due to a variety of things, not the least of which is that OEM systems frequently use non-standard pipe sizes, may change pipe sizes without warning, may locate sensors near the required installation location, etc. These products are designed to be versatile and adaptable, but they are also designed to be installed by an exhaust professional and the alternations that might be required to install may require specialized tools that are not typically available to the average DIYer. As a result, if you run into a fitment related issue with the rear part, this does not mean our product is defective, it means that you will need to have this product installed by a professional.

Why do I need this repair kit?
These Taurus and Sables are notorious for flex pipe failure. This is an ongoing problem that we feel this part far exceeds the inadequate manufacturer's design. The above applications feature a flex pipe located between the front and the rear catalytic converters directly behind the flange. This makes replacement or repair of a broken flex pipe very difficult. Some have attempted to repair using ordinary cheap flex pipe only to discover that the repair was only temporary and that most replacement flex pipes are not suitable for that location. A far more cost effective solution is to replace the headpipe using a repair kit like ours. Our solution is the perfect alternative to replacing the entire converter assembly or attempting to repair the broken flex pipe.
What is a Flex Pipe?

A flex pipe, also sometimes known as a flex coupling, is a section of bellowed steel, which as it’s name implies, is designed to flex or bend. The purpose of a flex pipe in an exhaust system is to absorb or relieve vibrations from the engine and from the motion of the vehicle and prevent other more expensive components from being broken or cracked. Some parts of the exhaust system such as exhaust manifolds, (which are often made of cast iron) are brittle and easily break. Flex pipes prevent these components from being exposed to excessive stress. Flex pipes are NOT intended to make bends such as those found in tailpipes. Such use is not covered by warranty and is likely to damage the flex.

Anatomy of a Flex Pipe

A flex pipe is made up of a variety of components. These components may vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically are made up of steel accordion type bellows. These bellows are often covered with a braided steel reinforcement, which prevents the flex from stretching too far and protects it from damage. Some will also contain an inner braided steel covering or a solid, floating insert, which functions to reduce exhaust turbulence. This design is known through the industry as double braid, but be aware, some sellers misuse this term to indicate a single braid that has a cross weave. The ends of the flex usually have a solid steel shield, which joins the braided covering and reinforces the connection to the exhaust pipe. It is important that when these connections are welded to the pipe, that the weld gets full penetration, otherwise the flex may fail prematurely. All our flex pipes have full penetration welds when they come with pipes or extensions. Flex joints that do not come with pipes or extensions are not yet welded, and it will be up to the installer to make sure the welds are of good quality.

Differences in Flex Pipes

Flex pipes can be made from a variety of different materials and can also differ in their construction techniques. Some companies use ordinary steel or spring steel, which can rust and corrode and/or may use aluminized steel (ordinary steel with an aluminum-based coating). These materials typically do not last very long as compared to stainless steel. Additionally, many companies will crimp the fittings together, which allows water to become trapped in the crimped joint, encouraging corrosion. Some flex bellows are formed as a continuous helix, which can create exhaust turbulence and, in general, indicates that poor construction techniques are used. The helical type of flex is not the best type for automotive use, but is well suited to industrial applications when secured with the proper clamp. Some companies have a loose braid pattern on the outer and inner coverings, which allows the flex to stretch too far, causing premature failure. There can also be variations in the gauge of materials, as well as the exact type of materials that are used, which has a significant influence on the price and longevity of the joint as a whole.

Bear River Flex Pipes

We do not compromise on our flex pipes, which are made entirely of stainless steel. We use 304 stainless to form the bellows as well as the braided reinforcements. We use a tightly woven braid pattern for greater strength. Most of our flex joints also have an inner braid and are built from heavy gauge materials to last for as long as possible. We believe that you want the best product for your money and that is why we do not offer second rate products.


We are so confident in the quality of our flex pipes, that we offer a guarantee that our flex pipes will not fail do to corrosion, cracking, or splitting for 5 years/50,000 miles, whichever happens first. This warranty does not cover damage that may be the result of improper use, including, but not limited to: using the flex pipe to replace a bend, road damage, overheating, missing hangers, broken motor mounts, etc. If for any reason our flex joint fails under normal use, we will replace it free of charge. Our warranty does not cover labor costs or other installation costs. It also does not cover any incidental or consequential damages.

Product manufactured and assembled in Canada

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